Monday, October 6, 2008


That was a sigh of relief.

The newlyweds are home from their month-long trip to Scotland, and they are none the worse for the wear, and are happy to be back.

And we are definitely happy to have them back, and find out for sure that all my fears are unfounded. LovelyDaughter is still LovelyDaughter, even if she is also JD's wife. And JD is still a wonderful young man. (Of course.)

They even brought us gifts! Something that never even crossed my mind, and I feel so grateful and blessed that they thought of it. My gift is a necklace with a piece of preserved heather stem on it--which is much prettier than it sounds--so I have my own piece of Scottish heather.

Oddly, after a month of bee-yoo-tiful sunshine-y weather we have rain today. JD and LovelyDaughter were looking forward to dry sunshine after hiking and camping in a month of rainy weather in Scotland. Ah well, such is the irony of life.

At least they're happy, healthy, and home.


carrie said...

awww...that's great. I am giggling that it rained ;)

Lavender Chick said...

Thanks for stopping by today. Also, it's nice to hear that your baby is back home, all though no longer a baby, but a newlywed!

I'm very intrigued with your life - especially your canning abilities. I love to can, only wish I had more time. Of course, I suppose it's my fault that I don't have more time...

You mentioned feeling like you had not accomplished enough - I was completely impressed with all you had done! You're my hero!