Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

1. I finally got my seeds planted. You know, the ones that say "start indoors six to eight weeks early"? We have approximately five weeks till we usually put our garden in. Close enough.

2. However, I think I got a little carried away with some of them. I have something like 47 baby broccoli plants. And if every hot pepper seed sprouts, I will have about a hundred of them. And those aren't even for me, they're for the boys. So I guess they have 30 plants apiece. Whew. At least it's not 100.

3. We are playing a musical program on Saturday, and I'm feeling a little sentimental about it because Hubby says this is probably our last program as a family. With LovelyDaughter married it's getting harder to pull off, and with DrummerDude planning to go off to YWAM next fall it will be even harder. We've already pulled back quite a bit in the last year and played only a handful of times. But to more or less officially declare it DONE is, well, sad, and makes me wistful.

4. Regarding my wardrobe makeover: I suddenly realized recently that I am all set for fall and winter, but I have very little now for spring and summer, so I've been planning, or trying to plan, my warm weather outfits. I decided to go with red and white with splashes of other bright colors, and keep a little of the black and gray, at least until it gets really hot.

5. I had a little time yesterday to stop at the local Goodwill store, and I found a few more items for my new wardrobe:

--a tailored, knee-length red skirt
--a crisp stretchy wrap skirt in a bright red and white print. (still new with tags!)
--red sleeveless blouse that matches the red skirt so well it looks like a two piece dress.
--black and white polka dot dress. It's strapless, made of stretchy knit, and ties around the neck. (I'm still debating if it's "age appropriate" or not. If not, LovelyDaughter will be the gainer.)
--white eyelet skirt

I spent an hour in the evening mixing up all my clothes, and I must have done a good job choosing these new items, because I was able to make all SORTS of combinations.

6. Hubby has been up to his ears in spring work--tree trimming and roofing--which is wonderful. It keeps me on my toes because I have to be ready to pack a lunch at the drop of a hat, or have a meal ready at home, and also have lots of cookies and other goodies ready. Yesterday I made something I call "Breakfast Oatmeal Cookies." They're good, and they have enough nuts and oatmeal and raisins that you can eat them for breakfast with milk and feel nourished.

7. Remember when I said I was sick? Well, I think I'm well, but I have a lingering cough, and it's getting VERY old. Any suggestions for getting rid of chest crud?


carrie said...

Mucelex? The stuff that has the funny commercials with the mucus moving in?

I hate that hanging on cough it's yucky!!!

Do we get pictures of all the outfits?

And the dress, if it goes below the knee slightly it's definitely ok ;)

Jeff'sGirl said...

Mucinex is just heavy-duty Guafanesin. It works great, and it's easier to swallow than cough syrup (it's pills), but I'm pretty sure it's not as cheap. Not that I would know; MotherUnit wanted to doctor me up, and did a good job of it, I might add. I'd have to say, though, the Mucinex went down better than the chocolate martini. But either one will cure your woes. :)

paladin said...

At the risk of changing the social dynamics of your family radically: raw garlic is very good for that sort of thing (and it's a fairly powerful antibiotic/anti-viral, so it can fight off the lingering disease itself). Get a garlic press, crush up a large clove and put it in a large spoon, take a small swallow of water, and then spoon the garlic in and swallow immediately (that'll prevent your tongue from being burned!). Mind you, you'll then smell like garlic for 24-36 hours, and you'll have a hard time tasting anything *except* garlic for about a day, but it works...

Hey, I just report 'em... :)