Thursday, April 3, 2008

AArgh! AArgh! AArgh!

Why, you may ask, am I tearing out my hair and screeching in frustration? I'm glad you asked.

Next weekend I will be running a computer with worship visuals for a conference. I just got the music today, and I find I have to input around 100 songs-- yes, 100! There is no way anyone can sing that many songs in a two-day conference. I guess the worship leader likes to have ALL of her songs on hand, just in case.

"Input" in this case means to open her PowerPoint files, and since the files will not import directly into my software, I must copy and paste the song lyrics on to new slides, adjust the formatting, and choose a background. I'm skipping messing with different fonts, and font sizes and colors, and shadows, and all the other cool stuff, 'cause with 100(!) songs there's hours of work here, just doing the basics.

I'm using LiveWorship which is wonderful software, and is making my job reasonably easy. However.

However, however.

It does not automatically save everything you do. Of course. No program does. (Except maybe Blogger, if it's working right.) Earlier today I had remembered to save my work every so often. Not so this evening.

And of course, the inevitable happened. Something glitched; a window popped up telling me something was "out of bounds," or something like that, and the application "must quit"; and the application quit.

I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to save recently.

NO NO NO NO NO NO! I said, but to no avail.

Alas. Out of probably thirty songs I had done, I now have only nine.

I know I have only myself to blame.


Somebody please feel sorry for me. It'll make me feel a lot better...


PrayerMom said...

OOPS is one of the most frustrating things a computer can tell you, short of losing its mind completely and going to blue screen status.

I will empathize, and trust that the Holy Spirit will find a way to lead you to rejoice in trial.

mom huebert said...

PrayerMom-- thank you! Fortunately I have a Mac, and Macs don't lose their minds easily, but that doesn't help me much at this moment. *smile*

carrie said...

*pats* I understand completely...a few years ago I undertook putting all of the praise and worship music into my computer...didn't save any to disc. It was an HP the year that they realized how badly HP's heat up and die. But they didn't warn me. I really really refuse to retype those songs...

Ya want some help importing? hehehe I'll bring the chocolate...

My Ice Cream Diary said...

On the whole I'm a pretty calm person. The only things that makes me want to cuss and break things are dropping a gorgeous pie on the floor right before serving it guests, and having the computer not do what I want it to.

My head hurts for you!

Ornery's Wife said...

Oohh. I am SO sorry. I really feel your pain, and even have tears in my eyes for you. May God give back to you all the time you lost a hundred fold for the gift you are giving!
Hugs, friend!

PrayerMom said...

I may need counseling or rebuking or something, but this story makes me laugh. Hopefully, it will put the subject in a better light.


The devil challenged Jesus to an essay-writing contest which His Father was to judge. God spoke two PCs (just to make it more of a challenge) into being on the desks before them, and told them that they would have until the trumpet blew to create the more impressive document on how to run the world.

Since they both were passionate about their topic, fingers flew at an amazing rate until, suddenly, all the power to the PCs went out, passing straight by the blue screen of death to the black of the abyss. The devil ranted and fumed and sent the PC to a merciful end on the floor, while Jesus calmly sent his essay to the printer so that the angel standing by could deliver it to the Judge. The devil wanted a rematch, stating that the contest was hardly fair under the circumstances. God shrugged and said, "Jesus saves".

Brandie said...

On no!!! Isn't that frustrating when that happens? My fingers just automatically type the command: alt+f s like 5 times a minute when I'm working, cause I'm so tired of losing work!

Loved your TT, I'll have to look into some of those.