Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm ready to tackle life again

I had a great weekend. Friday Hubby suddenly said to me, "How would you like to go visit B and D tomorrow?"

And I was like, "Sure!"

B and D live in Kansas City (a four hour drive) and are two of my favorite relatives, so YES, and I was flabbergasted that Hubby thought of it himself. He's a real homebody; he likes to be home, and usually when he's away, he's just marking time till he can come back again.

I made arrangements, and Saturday morning, after we spent almost two hours doing some chores we really needed to have done before we left, we took off in our cute little sports car.

We stopped in BigCity for dinner, eating at IHOP, which we've never done before. We are usually die hard Runza fans. A little later we stopped for ice cream at a tiny town off the interstate, and found a quiet spot with a view to sit with the top down and eat our sundae cones.

By four-ish we arrived at B and D's house and proceeded to talk, and talk, and talk, and talk. Oh-- and we also talked. And by the way, they made us the BEST hamburgers.

Sunday morning we played hooky (didn't go to church) but instead took B and D out for brunch. I felt so relaxed and free. By the time my cousin and her husband and son came to visit I was rather (read: very) sleepy, so I'm afraid I missed out on some of the conversation. (darn.)

And then we hopped in our cute car with the top down to come home.

We just happened to time our visit for the most beautiful day of fall so far. The weather was balmy, the color in the trees was vividly gorgeous. Plus we watched gas prices falling as we drove. The lowest we saw was $1.93. $1.93!! That's, like, less than half what it's been. It made the trip even more restful knowing we weren't selling our souls to do it.

After it got dark we stopped at a little obscure restaurant in a truck stop that turned out to have a very quiet, homey atmosphere, and everything tasted SO GOOD. It was really nice.

At home, we walked in on the boys eating supper, and the kitchen was still reasonably clean, the boys didn't look like they had gone hungry fending for themselves, and they'd even left me a chocolate chip cookie out of the ones I made for them right before I left. It was definitely a good day!

It's funny, because just last week I had been complaining to God that I was feeling trapped. With gas prices so high, we hadn't been going ANYWHERE. I mean it. Only to church on Sundays (ninety miles roundtrip), and then only on the days we were on worship team. We stayed home the other Sundays to save fuel. We were skipping worship team practice on Tuesday nights for the same reason, and I was buying my groceries in our little town four miles away, instead of driving a little further for the selection like I often do. And of course, no sho-o-o-o-pping. (our code word for all day shopping marathons.)

And then, with the guys' work schedule, I had to be home all day to make sure I had a noon meal ready for them, and then supper after work, and that didn't leave much time to go anywhere anyway.

So I told God that I needed SOMETHING- a break, a chance to get out- but I would try to be content until our circumstances eased.

And then! Hubby had this great idea out of the blue.

Ha. God is good.


carrie said...

OMG I totally should have posted before we left...I was in Kansas City all weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ornery's Wife said...

What a delightful getaway! I thought it would have been a wonderful weekend to head east to Branson, but we are trying to be frugal. AND Ornery did just get home from Florida!

That trapped feeling is very defeating. I, too, am glad to see prices inching back down to a reasonable level!

Sarah said...

Haha! You know how my dad likes to talk!! LOL Glad you had a nice weekend. We were busy celebrating Jason's birthday or we would have stopped by to visit too!