Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Makeover Continues

Well, I got my ears pierced yesterday. And I got my hair cut. See?

It's a great haircut, because what you see is me in my jammies and I haven't even combed my hair yet this morning. And it looks pretty good, don't ya think?

And the earrings-- that's a long story. I had my ears pierced back when I was oh, thirteen, in the dark ages of the seventies, when ear piercing was done in a doctor's office for a fee. My girlfriend did it for me with a needle and a potato.

(Pause for shock and disbelief.)

Unsurprisingly, my ears got red and crusty and I had a long red streak down my neck. I'm a little surprised I survived. The piercings didn't.

So yesterday's ear piercing was a Big Event. (Done at Claire's for free with purchase of earrings. Times have changed, no?)

And you'll notice I chose to go a little radical right off the bat, with an unusual placement of a first piercing. Why? Um. There's this little dimple in my ear lobe that just begged to have a little sparkly stud put in it, and I thought, Why Not?

I'm (very) slow to jump, but when I do, I do it a little different.


Ronda said...

I did notice the placement! They look wonderful and I like the new style.

something we have in common... my first ear piercing was also done by a neighbor (who happened to be a nurse) with a potato and a big needle. However, I still have my original piercing and no red lines happened!

You look great. :)

Ornery's Wife said...

Woot! Pierced ears and a hair cut all at the same time!! Next it will be highlights and a toe ring?? :)

I was one who got the doctor's office piercing, but have a metal allergy, so for all the years I wore earrings, I had itchy, burning holes. (I'm a slow learner!)

Congrats on the progress to a new you. I am maintaining that life begins at 50, so we are gearing up, right? :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

carrie said...

I think it looks awesome!!!! Ya know there's room there to do a second set at the *normal* level...

My daughter got hers double pierced last year because she has that same little dimple and it looks so cute!!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I love the jump you made. Everyone gets their ears pierced, but how many have them in that position? I used to have 7 earring holes and I loved to wear mismatched earrings in all of them.