Friday, May 29, 2009

Fashion Peeve #2: Glasses Are Ugly

In every makeover I've seen, the girl with glasses has to lose them to look beautiful. What-- glasses automatically make you look dumpy? You can't be beautiful and have bad eyesight? What does the poor girl do now without her glasses? Bump into things? Make other people drive her everywhere because she can't drive without glasses?

Yes-- I know. The obvious answer is to wear contacts instead. But what if that's just not feasible? Eyewear is expensive: My eyeglasses cost about $500, and I wear them for about five years. Yearly cost: $100. However, contacts will cost me about $20 a month, times twelve months, equals yearly cost of $240. More than double! And then you still have to buy a pair of regular glasses anyway, because you can't wear your contacts 24/7, so if I add that, we actually get a yearly cost of $340. Some people have to think about things like that. (Especially in families like ours, where out of six people, five of them wear glasses. That adds up.)

Then there's considerations like these: you work in a dusty atmosphere, like when I used to help Hubby with tree work. I definitely could not have worn contacts to shove branches in the chipper. Or LovelyDaughter's case where she tried valiantly to wear contacts, but her eyes refused. It took her twenty minutes to insert one contact and then her eyes watered and burned incessantly. She finally gave up and went back to glasses.

Another option, of course, is to have LASIK, or something similar, but once again, not always a realistic choice because of expense, health, or age.

So here's what I think: The makeover people should show beautiful women with glasses, but perhaps with better frames that show off the eyes and face better. Don't just ditch the glasses, give them a makeover too!


PrayerMom said...

I think what balances style advice with reality is a healthy decision about who should be impressed.

Much of this advice comes from people of considerable means themselves who are directing their comments toward those who would be willing to spend whatever's necessary to impress as many people as possible, particularly in their professional field. When those circumstances aren't present, it means that adjustments must be made. Will this change their opinion? I don't think so.

I'm sure that somewhere there are people who write budget-conscious fashion books. If not, maybe God has revealed your new career direction. I'm sure Hubby, as the one whose opinion probably counts much more than the wealthy author ladies, would assist with feedback on individual issues.

Personally, my big fashion mission is to get hold of some ribbon shirts. That's one way to walk around the rez as a white person and show that you're connected to one of the tribal families. It may lead me to try to locate and operate a {GASP} sewing machine after taking a 20+ year hiatus following my last defeat by one. I guess my adoptive family are the ones who would appreciate that message of identification.

There's a great freedom in being secure in knowing which opinions to....gently file in the OUT basket.

Ornery's Wife said...

I agree! Lasik is not an option for me due to the severity of my condition, and I have limited vision WITH the glasses, but going without would truly render me helpless.

The funny thing to me is that I think some people actually look better with glasses. I have a friend who had her eyes surgically repaired a few years ago, and every time I see her now I think something is missing. She didn't wear stylish frames, but they drew your attention to her eyes and made them look bigger, and that was a benefit for her.

Personally, when I reach a certain age, I think I want to get some of those wild frames they use for reading glasses and have my Rx put in them. :) It will make people smile, anyway! tm