Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday Jaunt

I think we've been hanging around our friend Swede too long. Why? We're starting to do crazy things like what we did Sunday for Mother's Day.

We drove four and some hours to Kansas City, and then turned around and came right back.

Well. Not right back. We hung around for about four hours first.

What did we do?

We packed up a picnic-- which included what I thought was a great inspiration: hot sloppy joe meat in a thermos bottle-- and met my family at Wyandotte County Lake for a picnic. My mom and dad and brother and nieces were there and it was a very nice, mild day: cloudy with a very light breeze, and it was the perfect temp for a jacket.

After we ate, we drove closer to the lake and fed a little bread to the geese. And then spent some time near the playground equipment for the girls.

And then my dad was tired, and my brother needed to go, so we took off. Hubby and I had vague notions of visiting some other people in the city, but decided instead to just head on home. We never even saw the city itself, since we drove straight to and from the lake, which was sort of cool. Even though I grew up in KC I think I've always been a country girl at heart, so it doesn't hurt my feelings at all to not have to drive around in a big city!

When we got home, Hubby gave me the best Mother's Day gift ever: an all-over body massage. It was a good day.

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Christina Lee said...

wow I am not sure I would have made it after all of that-they would have had one cranky momma!!!