Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fashion--Outfits for Spring

Here are some looks for this spring I'd like to copy. Well, either the look itself, or certain aspects of it.

1)For example, this outfit from Ann Taylor:

See the nice, soft gray/black slacks? See the blue sweater? Yes, I like this. I've begun experimenting with the black+blue or dark gray+blue vibe, after I saw a write-up about black and ink blue that inspired me, and it's working. I actually bought a thin-striped denim blue/dark blue flyaway-type cardigan on clearance at TJ Maxx not long ago. I intended to wear it with denim, to create a long, lean monochromatic line, which, by the way, does look nice. But then the other night I tried it with black jeans, black boots, and a vee neck black tee. Wowzer. I liked the look very much. So-- new color scheme for late winter, early spring: black and denim blue, or black and inky blue.

Also, yes, the dark gray comfy pants. I have a pair something like that with elastic waistband for sleeping in. Ancient, and stretched out. But one day Hubby brought them to me to put on in place of my jeans while I was relaxing by the stove, and the sharp look of the dark gray with the brown shirt I had on suddenly made me realize I was missing out on another great wardrobe option. So the hunt is on for dark gray pants, possibly comfy knit, and also denim, or corduroy.

2)Here's a look from Ann Taylor Loft:

What I like: the skinny jeans. The jacket. The scarf. The wedge sandals.
The belt? Not so much. I'm so short waisted I get all bunchy and lose my waist altogether when I belt over top like that.

3)This outfit is from Banana Republic:

I like the skinny jeans. I've been wearing regular flare leg jeans tucked into boots a lot this winter, which is giving the effect of skinny jeans-- the straight leg look all the way down-- and it seems to look nice on me. I like the leather jacket. I'd like to get one if I can. I like the skinny scarf thing.

4)Another one from Banana Republic:

I don't look very good in khaki colors, but the general look is what catches my eye here: the skinny jeans, the trench, the scarf-- and look at those shoes. Some sort of shoe bootie. I think that's the spring version of jeans tucked into boots: skinny jeans with booties.

5)Aside from the fact that the skirt is WAY too short, this outfit from Banana Republic looks very do-able.

In fact, I can actually make this outfit already. I have black leather boots, black tights, a black and white graphic skirt, a black vee-neck boyfriend cardigan. I'll have to try it and see if 1) it works with a knee length skirt, and 2) it works for me.

6)And one more, this time from J Crew:

See those skinny jeans with the booties? That's the look!

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Ornery's Wife said...

Did you do something new to your blog? I like the lighter back ground. I know this post was not about that, but I thought I would mention that I noticed. Now, the clothes, I think would look great on you. My sil is making me a pair of those booties. I can't wait to see what wild and crazy stuff he comes up with on them! He mentioned green stitching...