Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fashion Peeve #3

I didn't title this Peeve, because I'm not sure how to phrase it in a pithy way. It's going to take me a whole paragraph, or at least a sentence, and here goes:

What's with the fashion experts who tell us that the cheap way to update our Look every season is with bags and shoes? Bags and shoes are not necessarily inexpensive, especially not the ones the same experts are telling us to update with. A trendy leather bag for $800? A pair of killer heels for $300? I'd hate to see what the experts are paying for their jeans and sweaters if those are the CHEAP items.

Personally, I don't like to spend more than $2500 for a bag, but that's just me.....

And really, I don't think I own a single "bag," because I buy "purses."

However, I do like my shoes to be of as high of a quality as I can afford. I like good leather, comfort, cute styling, and something that will last a while. I hold to the philosophy of Hercule Poirot---Mystery writer Agatha Christie's famous detective---who said that however shabby an impoverished British Lady may have become, her footwear will always be of the highest quality.

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Ornery's Wife said...

I don't know why they think that will update a look! I don't look at a ladies "bag" or her shoes when determining whether or not she appears "put together" but at the overall effect. If she feels confident in her clothes, it doesn't much matter what she has on, because that confidence shows and to her advantage. I must admit I do love new purses, but shoes are just a necessary evil. I'd LIKE to look good in them, but big feet are hard to disguise!