Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Long Time Gone

There have been a lot of things going on around here in life, and in my head. Much of it has been too complicated or too personal to write about here. Also, as I've mentioned before, I've discovered Facebook, where I can sum up my life in short blurbs, and I read all the blurbs of my friends' lives.

I have just a few items of interest to share. One, I'm going to be a grandma in a few short months. New relationships! New roles!

Two, I am re-connecting this fall with an aspect of myself that I have ignored and even shunned for a long time: I'm going back to school. I'm not sure yet where that journey is taking me, or how long it will be, but I'm excited.

Three, because of those two things, I am seriously considering shutting down this blog altogether. I already post very infrequently, and it may be time to close it down as I move into the next things.

This blog was originally about finding myself in my mid-life-- whether I communicated that or not-- and it looks like I AM finding new direction and purpose, so it remains to be seen if I still need this particular outlet.

If you try to find me later, and you can't, you'll know what happened!


Carrie said...

Don't go too far, I'd be sad ;) I miss you as it is!!! Oh and I'm trying to get back into blogging!!

Jinnifer richard said...

welcome for posting nice blog