Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yeah, What She Said....

A year or so ago, we jumped on the bandwagon that our extended family was on and tried the South Beach Diet. Not because we especially need to lose weight, but because the family members who were eating that way said they not only lost weight, but they felt better. And we were definitely all for feeling better. What I found was another benchmark in our striving to eat healthy. I began doing what I call "shopping the perimeter." Do you realize that most of the healthiest food in the store is parked around the edges? The meat, the produce, the dairy. It's "real" food, un-preprocessed. Now I shop the perimeter with occasional dips into the center for things like baking supplies and grains and peanut butter. In the words of Madame Blueberry, "there are whole AISLES" I don't even go down now.

Go here and read what Carrien says about buying food that's good for you. She has written pretty much what I would have written if I'd thought to write it!

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My Ice Cream Diary said...

I do perimeter shopping too. I can't bring my hubby shopping because he loves those center isles. Not only are they unhealthy but they sure make the food bill go up.