Monday, May 19, 2008

Life is Good

We had a great weekend. Not like some of you, but pretty good nonetheless.

Saturday Hubby and I made a day of it. We were invited to a homeschool highschool graduation, and also a wedding, so we decided to leave everyone home and take our cute little Z3, just the two of us.

We left in the morning, because I realized that I had nothing appropriate to wear to a wedding. We attend a very casual church, so I own three casual skirts, and nice jeans, and one pair of slacks-- but nothing exactly dressy. With that in mind, we decided to go shopping first, and find something.

I told God I wanted to walk in to the store and find a nice dress on sale, and get out. Which is what happened. So very, very cool. By the time Hubby got back from the restroom, which he headed to the second we got in the door, I had a dress picked out. It fit, it's nice enough for a warm weather wedding, but casual enough I can still wear it to our casual church and not feel conspicuous. And-- it was on sale for twenty bucks! Can't beat that.

Then we just had to find a place to change clothes. I had brought several Shade shirts along and three pairs of shoes, since I didn't know what I would find, and therefore what I would need to make the dress an outfit.

So-- off we went, and had a good time, and I enjoyed my new dress. I haven't had a new dress in so long I can't even tell you the last time I bought one. (Wait a minute-- yes I can. Two years ago I bought a dress for my niece's wedding. But I had since then cut it off to make a cute shirt out of it, to make it more useful.)

The graduation was held at sort of old-fashioned church with wooden pews and the first forty-five minutes was taken by a speaker who spent quite some time telling us all about how Jewish young people were taught and discipled. He would say something like, "And they all were required to learn the five books of the Torah, by heart!" and I would think, "This bench is hard." Then he would tell us about the kinds of questions the rabbis asked their students and I would think, "This bench is really hard." Then he told us that Jesus disciples were probably mostly teenagers, rather than grown men, and I thought, "How interesting! And this bench is the hardest bench I've ever sat on!"

The wedding was in another church in another town, with nicely padded pews. I told Hubby the bride's dress was beautiful-- too bad most of it was on the floor.

After the wedding and wonderful wedding supper, we stopped to visit friends who happened to live in the neighborhood. I felt so decadent and free, leaving the kids home to fend for themselves. Whoowee! Are we getting crazy or what?

Actually, only GuitarGeek and DrummerDude were home, because LovelyDaughter and MB3 were on a little trip of their own and had been gone for a week. They got back last night, and I'm very glad to have them home again.

Today we're all being lazy, since we were up very late last night hearing all about their adventure, and Swede is here, as well as J, our new friend, whom I'm going to call JD from now on.

At noon the eight of us ate outside at the picnic tables. We grilled varscht (home butchered and smoked pork), and made waffles over the campfire.

And now it's time to think about supper.

It feels like a great start to the summer season.


PrayerMom said...

I'm glad that you had a good weekend!

I personally spent the day in tattered jeans and a big old t-shirt helping to send one of my friend's horses to the Happy Hunting Ground. It's amazing how God showed up, though. Anything that we do with him contains an assurance that all is well.

Ronda said...

And what a weekend/week it was. I have no doubt you are glad that the kids are back home after their adventure. JD LOL! Funny, that was his original given name. I bet they had a lot to share.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Now how on earth do you make waffles over a fire?

I love the dress story. I have prayed before yard saling and it is amazing how well it works. I think that Heavenly Father sees it as a righteous desire to save money and so he is willing to help and direct us. Love it.

It sounds like a lovely weekend. =)

Ornery's Wife said...

Wonderful post, as always. It's been forever since I bought a dress, too.