Thursday, May 15, 2008

TT#30: Thirteen H's

Thirteen Things about momhuebert

Well, last week time I did a list of thirteen things about me beginning with the letter C (the letter of my first name), and that was so much fun, that I think this time I'm going to do thirteen things about me that begin with the letter H (the first letter of my last name).

So, once again with the help of the American Heritage Dictionary, here we go.

H stands for....

1...Hair. Twice I let my hair grown down to my tailbone, and both times, I cut off the braid for Hubby to keep.

2...Hamburger. Something I use a lot of, cooking for six or more people as I do.

3...Hamster. A pet we've never owned, and probably never will. Cats are enough.

4...Hand, small. I have small hands, the smallest in our family. My ring size is 5.

5...Hand-me-downs. Something I've gotten a lot of over the years, both for my kids and for myself. In fact, I myself often get hand-me-downs from teenagers. It's not just my hands-- the rest of me is small too.

6...Harangue. What my kids think I do when I get upset. (GuitarGeek says, "it's not what we THINK you do, it's what you DO"... so who are you going to believe?)

7....Harmony. What I like to play on my violin. Also, what I encourage in my family and household.

8...Hurry. What I'm always in, because I procrastinate, and then have to catch up.

9...Hastings. "A city of southern Nebraska, Population 21,000." Yup. It's about a 45 minute drive from here, and I only put it on the list because IT'S ACTUALLY IN THE DICTIONARY, FOLKS. Pretty cool, huh.

10...Hosiery, as in pantyhose. Something I never wear anymore. I don't believe in pantyhose. *smirk*

11...Highfalutin. Something I am not. I think I'm ordinary, friendly, loving, accepting-- at least I try to be, when I'm not having an introvert moment.

12...Hyperbole. Something I use a ton of. At least, in conversation. I probably tone it down when I write.

13....Hereafter. Something I think about more and more, as in, I walk to another room for something, and when I get there I think, "Now, what am I here after?"

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Nicole said...

Great list! And thanks for the tip to use the dictionary! (slaps forehead) I avoided that meme because I just didn't think I could sit and think up 13 words starting with "N" that have N-e-thing to do with me. hehe

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

The raw food blog is really new, so there's not much there, but thanks for checking that one out too! =))

Cecily R said...

I don't think I've worn pantyhose in at least ten years. I'm way good with that.

Gotta love harmony hand me downs and hyperbole!!

Great list!

maggies mind said...

Awesome list! I love the whole bit about hair, and I would think hamsters and cats at the same time would require much supervision. Hereafter - that was too funny, and I do the same thing...

Fun list, Happy TT!

PrayerMom said...

I can't remember the last time I wore panty hose. Congratulations on thirteen Homespun Huebertisms, and thank you for reminding me to do my Thursday Thirteen for a change.

Toni said...

Great list. We have a lot of hamburger (my Dad's a cow man) would love to hear some of your recipes.

TLC said...

The last one was funny! Hereafter. Must be a relative of the Round Tuit. As in, here is a Round Tuit, so that all the things you need to complete "When I get around to it.." can materialize.

Thanks for visiting my T13.

poppingbubbles said...

What a nice list! Happy TT13!

MammaMia said...

What a great list! Thanks for stopping by, again! I was having computer issues last week! Nicole said it best! Pure genius!

Monday through Sunday said...

Fabulous! I was the oldest of I tended to do the handing me down..:)

As for pantyhose..I cannot tell you how grateful that it is out of style..Thank you God! Gone are the days of black, nude, and white hose..I know white..yep..I admit..I wore white.

Ornery's Wife said...

Huh. I didn't know panty hose were out of fashion, guess that means I'll have to start wearing them again. NOT! :-)

Loved your list, and your hereafter sounds like so many of my thoughts!

She Became a Butterfly said...

where does he keep your hair?