Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chocolate Box (without the chocolates)

Just a quick update:

--I have sewed seven shopping bags so far. Two for gifts, one for DrummerDude to use as a tote bag for his thermoses for work, leaving me four to use. Plus I have bought quite a bit more fabric to make more, since Walmart is getting out of selling fabric and had lots of stuff on clearance. And I'm starting to get in the habit of actually TAKING with me, and USING them.

--Saturday night we went to the Baker family's annual Christmas "Pickins" and played music with a circle of other down home musicians till midnight. Got home at 3:00am. Youch. But oh so worth it.

--A week ago we were invited to a party/concert put on by a homeschooling family we met earlier this year when Hubby did some tree work for them. They have six children age nine and under, and the 2009 model is on the way. I was prepared to be politely enthusiastic at their little concert, but I ended up honestly enjoying it. It was a joy to see children being such hams. When our kids were that age and had to stand up on stage for a program they looked like they were in a coma. The world is full of different personalities, yes?

After the concert, we were served an enormous, tasty buffet of beef, pork, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, several kinds of soup, several kinds of salad, several kinds of cake, several kinds of pie, and cheese and crackers-- all made singlehandedly by that dear woman while pregnant and taking care of five children and a baby. Bless her heart!

--This week I went back to an old habit that had fallen out of use, which is to make menus. It is really taking a load of indecision and frustration and procrastination off my shoulders. I'm really happy with my inspiration this time: Every day at noon we are having soup with sandwiches and fruit. And every day for supper we are having a meat/side dish/vegetable/dessert meal. It's working very well.

Would you like to see? This is what I've actually made so far this week, and what's planned for supper tonight:

Butternut Bisque
Ham and Spinach on Whole Wheat
Canned Plums

Bangers and Mash
Fresh Cooked Spinach
Apple Crunch

Split Pea Soup with Ham
Bread and Jelly
Sliced Oranges and Apples

Baked Chicken Supreme with Rice
Green Beans
Tapioca Pudding

Lentil Soup
Oven-Toasted Open-Face Cheese Sandwiches
Banana-orange Yogurt

Pot Roast
Leafy Green Salad
Mud-From-The-Crik (Ice Cream Sundae Cake) with Ice Cream

--I have all my Christmas shopping done, except for one gift. That last one I went shopping for, but the store was out of stock. They thought they would get more before Christmas, so I'm waiting. I suppose I should have Plan B in mind, just in case, shouldn't I?

--Gotta go now and put the roast in the oven.

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Laura said...

Butternut Bisque - sounds yummy. Butternut Squash is our new fall food!! We've made soup and it's great. you'll have to email me your recipe for bisque! :)