Saturday, December 6, 2008

Encouragement and Blessings

Yesterday Hubby and I went out first thing to bid a couple of tree work jobs. At the second job, we met a friendly older couple and ended up in the house holding a very nice conversation. So nice, that they seemed reluctant to let us leave. (The feeling was mutual.) In fact, I think we just made some new friends, not just new business customers.

When we drove away we realized two things: one) we were already half way to a bigger town where we often do our shopping and we needed a couple things, and two) it was noon and our friend Swede lived close by. Does that add up to anything for you?

For us, it added up to "let's play hooky" and we dropped in at Swede's to call home and tell the young people to fend for themselves for dinner, and we took Swede out to eat. When the waitress brought us the bill, Swede snatched it away and insisted he wanted to bless us this time, even though the original intention had been the other way. It was not exactly unusual for Swede to do that, but coming this day, this time, affected me profoundly-- to tears.

After we'd done our shopping, we arrived home and I called a gal who had been planning to come pick up something from us. The day before I had told her, "sure, we'll be home all day." I was sure she'd be a little miffed at us, and I was prepared to apologize humbly for the change of plans, but instead, she was excited and encouraging about our day out and stayed a little while chatting.

Later, I opened the mail from the last two days and found a Christmas card from someone we had done work for this year, which in itself is unusual, since it's often the other way around: businesses send Christmas cards to their clients to thank them for their business. But this time WE got the card-- and in it was a gift certificate to a nice local restaurant!

I think God is trying to tell us something. Something like "You're okay. I like you." I'm encouraged. And blessed.

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Ronda said...

It is always nice to play hooky and realize that God likes to bless you while doing it. :)