Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Forty Waffles A Day?!! -- Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our "How waffle!" trip. I left off last time with the rain pouring down all night.

In the morning it was time to assess our options. We decided to collect everyone from their soggy tents (some were soggy on the inside as well) and go find some breakfast. We finally found a little hometown cafe in the second nearest town, and settled in for biscuits and gravy, chicken fried breakfast steak, hash browns, etc., while watching "The Price Is Right" on the cafe television-- while the rain sheeted down outside.

After breakfast we found a little grocery store and bought large clear trash bags to use for emergency ponchos, and to carry home all our sopping gear. We also bought candy-- quite a bit of candy. Amazing how that brightens up a grey day...

By then the rain had actually stopped, but it was, once again, a cold windy day. We found that the bag ponchos worked very well as wind-breakers-- wish we'd thought of it yesterday. Note: pack plastic bags in camping stuff for future emergencies.

We spent the rest of our time there bird-watching by lake. We found a spot high up where there must have been an updraft. We were out of the worst of the wind, and the gulls and pelicans flew up in clouds overhead. We even saw what we think was an immature bald eagle.

Eventually, we were all chilled and we were ready to drive home. At least the van was warm.

Really, it wasn't a bad trip. We had an adventure, and adventures make good storytelling on down the road: "Remember that time we nearly froze and it rained all night? And how cute and fashionable you looked in your trash bag...?"

The worst part was once we were home. 1) The weather turned absolutely, gorgeously beautiful. Aack! I could just picture myself at the lake (moan). 2) We learned that the night it rained the area where we camped had the coldest temperatures in the entire state. Gee, thanks a lot.

Well, that just means we have an excuse to try again. Too bad. *wink*

Coming up on Friday: The third and final installment of "Forty Waffles A Day?!!"

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carrie said...

Oh Gosh!! That's not REAL fun...but alas..ya'll lived to post another blog ;) Glad everyone is safe and sound and out of the rain!!!