Monday, September 3, 2007

Busy weekend

This is the second weekend in a row we have had overnight guests. I'm handling it much better this weekend, on my way out of insanity, than I did last weekend on my way in. I felt so much better that I spent all day Saturday cleaning. I just went after the things that were bugging me: cobwebs around the windows, dirty curtains, dirty laundry, dust, etc.

And I'm glad I did, because Sunday evening, in addition to our house guest already here, we had a some acquaintances--a family with four children-- stop in unexpectedly. I was in the middle of fixing supper, and I started making quick mental adjustments to the menu, wondering if I could make it stretch. However, they had already eaten, so we just visited for a little while before they had to leave. And while we were talking, another friend stopped by. We told him to come on in, find a chair; and he and our original guest amused themselves till the other visitors left. Then we put another plate on the table, re-warmed the supper and made a party out of it.

Then this morning my mother-in-law stopped by, and for once the house was clean....Yes!

I keep thinking that God is good to me. I love guests, but if I had had all this company last week, I think I would have gone over the edge. Instead, as if they had been warned, they all waited till now when I'm feeling just fine, and loving to see people. I think I can trust God to watch over me and care for me.


Marti said...

I've still got first dibs on the goathouse.

mom huebert said...

Marti-- come on out!

Marti said...