Saturday, September 8, 2007

So-- Are We?

Last night I got out the wedding book. It's a fairly small, all-one-scrapbook type book, called "Our Wedding Memories," with labeled pages for notes and pictures ("How We Met" "Our Wedding Photos" "Anniversaries").

I hardly ever look at it because I'm embarrassed of me at 19. I don't know why exactly. My hair is funny, I still have baby fat, I look too much like THAT side of the family. Pictures of me from about age 27 and up I like much better. It's not just my opinion either. The rest of the family agrees with me. Strange.

I also get embarrassed being forced to remember the wedding. I did so many things wrong. Well, I think I did. After all, I was 19, I knew nothing about weddings besides what I had seen at weddings I'd attended, or been gift carrier or candle-lighter for. I had very little help, so I basically pulled the whole thing off myself. I still cringe when I remember. But Hubby put it in perspective for me last night, and I think I'll remember this. He said, "You were 19! You pulled off the wedding single-handedly! I'm proud of you!" That changes things.

Anyway, as I was saying, I got out the wedding book, looking for my wedding gift list (more about that on next week's Thursday Thirteen. Stay tuned.) and stayed to look at pictures. The main thing I noticed in those photos, besides how skinny he was, was that Hubby's hair was darker, and there was more of it. Lower on the forehead, heavier on the head. I kept saying how DARK his hair looked then, compared to the salt and pepper version he has now. And then LovelyDaughter mentioned that my hair is a lot lighter now too. That's to be expected I suppose. Everyone knows that brown gets lighter in hue when you mix it with grey silver.

So that brings me to the Question of the Day: Does this mean we're getting light-headed in our middle-age?


Marsha said...

LOL. Good question. I find that my ability to think quickly has diminished. However, my ability to see the intricate complexities of life has increased.

Dapoppins said...

would that count if you color it?

I love the family picture. I have three boys and a girl too, but they are a little younger.

mom huebert said...

Marsha-- yeah; I find it difficult to be dogmatic.

dapoppins-- Thanks, I love that picture too.