Saturday, September 29, 2007

What a Wonderful, Diverse World

I think I have whiplash.

Last week I went through my enormous list of bookmarked blogs and divvied them up. I made six folders, labeled with the days of the week, and arbitrarily put blogs into them. So now I have my Monday blogs, and my Tuesday blogs, and my Wednesday blogs.... Today is Saturday, and I just read through my Saturday blogs and discovered a diverse miscellany of human experience. Of course I have read these blogs before; and they passed my criteria of blogs worth re-visiting, but I hadn't read them in juxtapostion. And, as I said, I think I have whiplash. Take a look:

Tea and Cookies has a couple of mouth-watering posts about donut peaches, and a green fast food chain called "Burgerville."

Owl Haven is written by a mom of I-forget-how-many-kids (a bunch), and her newest posts are about the great deals she got yard-saling.

WhyMommy, at Toddler Planet, is celebrating life with her two young children. After being diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in June, she wasn't sure she even be here by now-- but she is!

Learning Curves is written by a college calculus teacher. She writes usually about the ups and downs of classes and students and lessons, which I find fascinating. But one of her posts this week was about how she hates children and can't understand why anyone would give birth. She herself has had her tubes tied to avoid that unthinkable possibility for herself.

Marsha, at Family Adventures, is asking about genes vs. upbringing in the lives of adoptive children.

See what I mean?


slouching mom said...

Ah, many blogs, so little time.

I quite like your divvying-up-by-day-of-the-week idea. I might try it myself.

carrie said...

So many little time...

Sniz said...

I'm with you! I've got about 50 blogs bookmarked that I really like. I just work my way through the list (your's is on it, BTW) but every week it seems like I add more. I'm gonna have to do something like your whiplash system soon. But it sounds like it makes for an interesting blog-reading day! And now I'm going to check out the blog of the Calculus professor because it sounds so different from blogs I usually read!

mom huebert said...

slouching mom-- yes, the folder idea is a way to keep blogging from taking over my life, which it did today anyway...*sigh*

sniz-- You're right, it did make for an interesting blog-reading day. I'm thinking about purposely mixing up my other folders, just for the variety.

Owlhaven said...

Hey thanks for the link!

Mary, mom to 10