Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen for the New Year


1. Sell some handmade shopping bags. Maybe even make a little money doing it.

2. Give away some handmade shopping bags. Just because.

3. Practice Christmas giving all year, that is, give away bread and goodies and meals and little gifts to everyone I'd like to show appreciation for, but instead of trying to get it all done in one short month, spread it throughout the year.

4. Go to bed with a clean kitchen every night. I'm starting this with FlyLady's help. So far, for the last week, I've gone to bed with a shiny clean sink. Which makes a bigger difference than I thought it would.

5. Get in the habit of wiping down the bathroom every time I get out of the shower. The whole room is wet from condensation anyway, might as well wipe it and stay on top of the cleaning.

6. Continue daily prayers.

7. Read the bible through, which I'm doing via this online chart.

8. Make opportunities for my boys, particularly MB3, to get to know other young people. I'm starting by planning a big wingding in honor of his birthday this month. It's just getting revved up; I'll keep you posted as it gets closer.

9. Invite a certain large family over for a meal. I know from experience that if you have more than two children you never get invited anywhere, and I'd like to show my sympathy and support for large families. But it will have to be when the weather is nice so we can be outside at the picnic tables. My house is no longer babyproof!

10. Plant a garden again. Every summer for almost twenty-five years we had a large garden, but for a few years now it's fallen by the wayside. I sure miss that home-grown produce.

11. Revive the custom of taking a walk every day with Hubby, and failing that, then taking a walk every day alone.

12. Get MB3 ready to graduate from our homeschool.

13. Practice being humble about accepting criticism and instruction.


CountryDew said...

That is a good list. The one about keeping the kitchen clean is one I should try, too.

Ornery's Wife said...

good list of goals! you are a much better goal setter than I this year. I gave up on fly lady after the second day.

Kristen said...

Nice list. I have some of the same goals on my 2009 list. I like the one about the kitchen, though...I will have to try.

Alice Audrey said...

This make for some very good habits.

My expressions LIVE said...

You are much better than I....Happy TT.

Mary said...

I love FlyLady... but I never get past the fluttering part.

Brenda ND said...

I should pick up that clean kitchen each night resolution too. Happy TT!

Reiza said...

What a great list! We've started keeping a microfiber cloth in the bathroom to dry the tub after baths/showers and it really makes a difference.

And FTR, we've become addicted to collecting reusable shopping bags. Definitely try to sell them. There's certainly a market for them.

PopArtDiva said...

Thanks for stopping by The PopArtDiva Blog's TT today!

#4 is an obsession with me - I absolutely hate waking up and making coffee in a kitchen filled with dirty dishes!

Adelle said...

I love your list, especially number 9. I think that is an amazing idea. Kudo's to you. Wishing you Miles of Smiles :)
Adelle Laudan

Tink said...

Sounds like a list of goals you're able to achieve! Go for it! I tried Flylady, but gave up too soon... ;-)
Thanks for visiting my TT.

Ann Kroeker said...

What an inspiring, humble, heart-giving set of ideas. Even if you end up doing only one of them, the world will be a better place.

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, and I'm impressed as I slip over to visit yours.

I sent you a little e-mail about your cereal-steal -- you really scored on that one, especially now that I see you have to feed several hungry boys every morning!

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