Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Blog Year, Part 1; or, Was it really that mundane?

I borrowed the idea for today's post from Slouching Mom at Slouching Past 40 who borrowed it from someone else, who borrowed it from someone else. She wrote out the first sentence of the first post of every month in 2008. I wasn't going to do it myself, but then, out of curiosity-- just for myself-- I just had to go see how inspirational or inane my blog year has been. And then it seemed a shame to waste all that work. So here you go:

Jan.-- Hubby's parents grew squash in their garden this year, and the squash grew to enormous proportions.

This is what I was thinking about the first day of the year? Squash?

Feb.-- Sunday we invited some friends over, and had a great time doing just about everything you can do with Christian friends: sharing, praying, worshiping, hanging out, eating, telling stories, joking, laughing, staying up late.

Nice. We did a lot of this in 2008.

Mar.-- Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted since last Wednesday, and here it is Monday.

I did a lot of this too, I just didn't always mention it.

Apr.-- Today's list: Thirteen Books in my Amazon wish list.

May-- So, today is thirteen things about me that start with a letter of the alphabet.

Those last two were when I was still participating in Thursday Thirteen. I had to let that drop, because I just didn't have time to play along by reading all the other 200 lists.

June-- Last Thursday evening we had some excitement here.

In case you're wondering, it was a tornado.

July-- My title pretty much says it all.

The title was "Still Busy, Still Cooking, Still Waiting My Turn In the Bathroom." We had houseguests for two weeks.

Aug.-- I've been using the Book of Common Prayer, which uses its own translation of the Psalms.

I'm still using daily prayers, but not from the BCP. Instead, I'm using the Divine Hours, online (see link in my sidebar.) However, I really like the psalms in the BCP. It's tough to find a stand alone copy of that particular psalter, but I found one for my PDA, so now I can read it any time I like.

Sept.-- I wrote last time that I was taking one day to look back at memories, and then-- "forward and onward."

This was right after LovelyDaughter's wedding. I'm having a little trouble with the "forward and onward" thing. Just living right now is plenty. Or is that what that really means? Hm.

Oct.-- I've been trying to be a good Mennonite housewife this week.

I think I gave up on that....

Nov.-- Well, it was fun to run this bloggy giveaway drawing and to showcase LovelyDaughter's great handmade jewelry.

It really was fun. And, by the way, please take a look in my sidebar at the samples from LovelyDaughter's Etsy shop, and, pretty please, go buy something. It would make her so happy.

Dec.-- I totally stole this meme from It's Almost Naptime!! because it looked like fun, and also, she could have been writing about me when she said it was a sickness, but she loves filling in forms.

Another month, another meme.

Good heavens. I think if my blog were to be judged by these excerpts, I rate pretty high on the "Inane and Just Barely Interesting" scale.

Maybe I should find some different, more representative excerpts, in place of these very arbitrary ones.

Come back tomorrow for another list, this time sentences carefully chosen from each month, to best summarize my year.


Ornery's Wife said...

Well, it's good you are no longer doing the Thursday Thirteen, since it is gone. Poof. Disappeared from the internet. Sigh.

I remember reading many of those posts. I keep coming back, so they must not be TOO inane!

Happy New Year, friend!!

carrie said...

LOL I agree with Ornery's Wife...I actually recall some of those posts and you didn't need to remind me that it was a tornado ;)

I like your posts...

mom huebert said...

Ornery's Wife-- No more Thursday Thirteen?


(I guess you're right, I went and looked for myself.)

carrie-- I can't believe you guys actually remember that stuff! Thank you!