Monday, January 19, 2009

Pictures to make you hungry

I finally got in gear to 1)find (charged) batteries for the camera, 2)dig out my card reader, 3) set up to take pictures of my shopping bags, and 4)upload photos. None of those things are hard exactly, they just require a little thought and non-procrastination. (Smile, okay? and tell me I'm not the only one.)

First, believe it or not, I actually took a couple of picture of our New Years Eve party.

First, a few of the goodies on our kitchen island, to go with the soup everyone brought:

Doesn't that look pretty?

And, of course, the Neeyosh Kooka:

In the interest of full disclosure, a closer look....

They taste just as good as they look (assuming they look good to you. If they don't, then they taste BETTER than they look!)

By the way, I Googled "neeyosh kooka" to see if I spelled it right, or if there were any pictures online that I could borrow, seeing as I was finding it too much trouble to dig my card reader out of the laptop bag, and only ONE search result came up: My post about the party where we ate neeyosh kooka! I tried other spellings, and nothing.

So you get real pictures, from me, of the actual neeyosh kooka we made that day.

And that was quite an accomplishment, since our electric skillet kept telling us "I'm hot, I'm too hot! Hurry!" when in reality it was barely warm. We had to throw away about a dozen faulty neeyosh kooka. Which is a catastrophe of proportions, because, one), THROW AWAY fresh neeyosh?! and, two)people are coming over, it's time for the party, therefore now is a perfect time to PANIC!

However, Hubby came through and saved the day by dumping the hot lard into my cast iron chicken fryer (which is basically a very deep skillet) and fried the rest -- without a temperature gauge. He's my hero.


Ornery's Wife said...

The food looks delickity, but where are the shopping bags??

If you need me to write a testimonial about how many compliments a person will get when they use your shopping bags, let me know. I used it again yesterday and wowed the clerk and my mother-in-law with its beauty and capacity! I have been very diligent to keep it rolled up in my purse at all times so I have it handy. I've cut down on plastic bags by about 90%!

Also, when I was at Whole Foods the other day, I saw a display of cloth bags for sale. I've seen them range in price from $2.00 all the way up to 14.99 for very simple bags, nothing as nice or pretty as yours!

I'll have to take pix and send it to you. The ones I wanted were the mesh bags for produce. I've been using those bags lemons and grapefruit come in for free.

Looking forward to seeing what other cool fabrics you've been working with.

carrie said...

I totally procrastinate when it comes to posting photos...and what's this about grocery bags?

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