Friday, March 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes #6


I know this day is almost over, but here are my (really quick) quick takes for the day.


After having several good weeks, I have had a not-so-good week. I've been so sleepy all day most days that my head hurts from trying to stay awake, and it's not from lack of sleep. I've been ache-y, tired, sore, and a little weepy; along with having a strange disinclination to move. Yesterday I felt pretty good, after the one good night's sleep I've had all week, and I got started on a stack of shopping bags I'm making. Other than that, the week's been a washup. I've just been too stinkin' tired and brain-fogged to get much done. And I have lots I want to do!


The one thing I have done this week is read/study. I've been researching the beliefs of the Catholic church, and it's been quite a roller coaster ride. One day I'd be reading along and find to my surprise that what I've always thought Catholics believed was untrue, and what they actually believe makes sense. The next day I'd read some papal announcement that made me want to shake somebody. How can he SAY that? I'd rant.


Oh, you want examples? Okay.

For example, purgatory. I thought Catholics believed Purgatory was a place like Dante's Hell, with levels of after-death punishment, and it was rather blasphemous, since didn't Jesus take care of all that with His death on the cross? In reality, the word "purgatory" means something like "purification," and the doctrine just expresses the idea that there will be some discrepancy between our justification by faith and how pure we actually are when we die. God accepts us as righteous, but how righteous are we in reality? So then, at some point before we step foot in Heaven that discrepancy will have to be fixed. We will come face to face with God's holiness and we will be made perfect. That may happen in an instant, or longer. No one knows about that part, because the Bible doesn't say, but we DO know we will have some sort of judgment passed on us and our works, and that is biblical. I think the disagreement must be mostly in the vocabulary.

(If you're Catholic and I didn't quite get this right, please correct me. After all, I have been brain-fogged this week.)


Another example, from the bottom of the roller coaster: The Pope, the Church, whoever, declares that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Which I think is preposterous, because Jesus never said "The Church is the Way, the Truth, the Life." He said, "I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. No man comes unto the Father except by me." Of course, my objection is not valid, because I am using Scripture-- and my own interpretation of it-- as a greater authority than the Pope and Catholic doctrine says that the two are equal in authority. If anything, the Pope is greater, because he has the power to interpret scripture. Being a well-indoctrinated Protestant, I have a difficult time with that idea, and I tend to want to check the Pope's pronouncements against the Bible, instead of the other way around. (Which, from my side of the fence is a good thing, and from the other side of the fence, not so much. And on which side is the grass greener? I'm not sure.)

(Repeat: If you're Catholic, and I didn't get this quite right, please correct me.)


I have completely failed this week at keeping up with my two new habits of cleaning the sink before bed and taking a walk every day. I plead tiredness (see #2) and cold weather. Or maybe jet lag from the switch to Daylight Savings Time?? I'm begging God to help me have a better week next week.


And now for a gratuitous baby picture:

This is our friend Swede's newest grandbaby. Isn't she sweet? I just love that expression on her face, which her mama says is what she gets after nursing.


Ornery's Wife said...

I hope you feel better and more energetic soon. Your package should be there Monday if it didn't arrive today. I meant to include a birthday card, but I was sorta busy last week, and felt pretty good to get the fabric sent! Hope you like it!

Hugs and prayers!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I love the baby smile!

I have always wanted to study more about the Catholic church. I'm interested in all religions and do little studies on any I come across, but the Catholic religion tends to confuse me.