Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good News

Yesterday's hair fiasco had me frustrated and almost in tears. However, I was determined to make the best of it, so the first thing I did (after recording the look for posterity) was re-wash my hair with my own shampoo and conditioner, and then style it my own way. And look what happened!

What I wanted it to look like:

What the hair stylist gave me:


This is my hair still partly damp after washing and conditioning with my Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Sheer Shampoo and Body and Volume conditioner (with a few spritzes of Garnier Fructic XXL Root Booster).

Still damp, with front bangs:

Almost dry:

A little later, tucked behind my ears to show off my new earrings:

I think it made a huge difference to get all the hair styling products out of my hair. The gal used a LOT of root booster mousse and hairspray and something else that she put in before she used the hair dryer. I think my hair is so fine that too much volume-boosting stuff actually weighs my hair down instead of giving it body. Also, she used a straightening iron on it, and I don't like the look it gives me.

Personally, I like it much better this way. Hubby may wish my hair was a little longer, but I think he'll still like me. Whew.


Sarah said...

It's all grows! Oh by the way...Happy Birthday!!

Ronda said...

Happy Birthday!! Celebrate yourself today. And your hair looks good. :) Hubby isn't going to just still 'like' you, LOL... I'm betting he is still going to just LOVE you. Hair does grow quickly, so it won't be long and it will look almost identical to the cut in the photo.

Laura said...

i used to cry at haircuts. now i look at pictures for a long time and bring in 5 or 6 different ones. i always try to pick styles on women who seem to have the same hair type as me (thickness, wave, etc.). that way the end result will be similar and not so disappointing.
if it helps, i think the lady in the picture must have extra fake hair in there. or she complains about having so much hair everyday when she has to style it! :)