Friday, March 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday #5

Here we are again, another Friday. Is it just me, or do the days just FLY?


Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm, let me's 2009, subtract 1962...oh, gee. It's too early. YOU figure it out. Whatever that number is, that's how old I'll be. And to celebrate, LovelyDaughter and I are going shopping ALL DAY. In particular, we want to hit a slew of thrift stores in BigCity that I've never been in. I have a few things in mind to look for, but who knows what treasures we'll find among the junk?


I'm home alone for a couple of days. All my guys are off to a men's retreat. They are part of the worship team-- even MB3, who is running sound. They finally pulled out yesterday at almost 3pm, and I spent the next hour wandering around the house trying to decide what to do with myself. It's like finding a wad of money and wondering what's the best way to spend this windfall. Take a walk? Go get my hair cut? Invite a friend over? I ended up trying on several of my new outfits and then chose one (the one with the animal print skirt) and drove to a nearby town that has a long walk trail, and went for a very nice walk. It was a beautiful day and there were lots of other people out too. Of course, they were dressed in activewear, and I was dressed in a skirt with a tank and blazer and comfy cute sandals, but hey, I was comfortable, and felt stylish to boot.


So I want to get my hair cut. I know I had it cut a couple of three months ago (see what I mean about time FLYING?) but the layers have grown out really long and my hair is so fine and light that it's just enough to pull it all down and take the body out of it. Also, I am done with the long side bangs that are always IN MY FACE, even with hair spray. I'm thinking of getting something like this:

I'll keep you posted!


I mentioned going for a walk yesterday. Actually, I went for two walks, one in the morning, because it was so nice out, and one in the afternoon, because it was so nice out, and because I didn't have to be home in time to make supper. I think "taking a walk every day" is going to be my next habit, now that I've finally mastered "clean sink every night before bed." I've been thinking a while now what habit to tackle next and I thought maybe it would be to put myself on some sort of house cleaning schedule. But night before last something happened to change my idea: I leaned over while I was in my skivvies, changing clothes, to pick something up, and a roll of fat around my tummy hung down and gave a flabby pendulum swing. Youch. Forgive me if you think I'm over-reacting, but I still think a walk every day would be a good thing to aspire to.


The nicest thing happened last night. I was home alone, as I said, watching a movie on YouTube, when LovelyDaughter called and asked if she and JD could come over to borrow our internet. Of course I said yes, and when they got here, she had brought some dessert she had made, and JD brought in enough firewood to last me till morning. Which was just so, so nice. And then-- they stayed long enough that I could go to bed with them still here, and the house didn't feel so empty and dark. I'm very used to going to bed with people still up, and this way I didn't feel so lonely. It's one thing to have a whole day to myself; it's a completely different thing to be all alone in the house at bedtime. (In fact, I don't think I've EVER been in the house alone at bedtime, in 27 years! There's always been somebody here.)


I think I should have called today "Five Quick Takes" because that's all I can think of. I started this post at 6:30 this morning. (I was up early and had the house to myself. I could play music! Type! Turn on lights!) So I worked on it for a while and went do other things, hoping more inspiration would hit and now it's almost 10:00. I'm going to give up on this and go do something else, mostly involving my sewing machine (making shopping bags, hemming my skirt and a pair of pants, maybe even make an apron) and I won't have to clear away my project for dinner. I might even eat sitting in the rocker by the woodstove. Is that decadent or what?


Number seven is canceled this week. Sorry. :)


Kaycee said...

Just stopped by from Conversion Diary. I love that haircut, and I where skirts just about everywhere. Those ladies in active wear don't know what they're missing.

Ornery's Wife said...

Isn't it just like the Lord to prompt me to buy you a birthday present without knowing when it was your birthday? I found a 3 yard section of decorator fabric yesterday for a really good price, and it looks like it would make some cute bags--I happen to like brown!--so I will get it in the mail to you next week.

I still find it hard to believe in 27 years you've never gone to bed in an empty house. Wow! I won't say it's my preference, but I am with you that having days to myself is like getting a windfall! Blessings to you and happy, happy birthday, friend!!

Swistle said...

The chickie in that photo has a TON of heavy, thick hair.