Friday, March 6, 2009


Okay. I'm disgusted. And Hubby is going to kill me. Take a good look at the following photo which I showed to the hair stylist I went to today:

Does that look like this?:

I've always wondered how a stylist can look for two seconds at a picture and say, "sure, I can do that." Ha.

As soon as she started washing my hair I knew she was going to get it wrong. She was definitely not into details and being careful. I felt like a dog getting shampooed, except maybe they're more gentle with dogs. When she started cutting she kept hooking my ears and my earrings with her comb--which was a little painful-- and I finally had to ask her to please not catch my earrings, to which she said nothing.

I am very upset. Instead of my hair looking layered and full, it looks chopped.

I know Hubby will be upset and disappointed, and I'm so scared he'll lose faith in me. He'll maybe think that every time he leaves I'll do something to myself he despises. Maybe he'll be afraid that next time I'll get a tattoo, or dye my hair purple.

The sound you hear is my stomach hurting.


Ornery's Wife said...

Aww! I hate it when that happens! The only bonus is that hair does grow back out, and next time you will know what stylist NOT to go to! I went for over a year to the same woman, kept 'splaining to her what I wanted, and EVERY TIME she cut it wrong. Finally, I changed and have been really happy ever since. Don't throw out the picture, just take it to a new girl! It's a cute style and the one you ended up with is not bad--except it isn't what you wanted!

Hope hubby is encouraging instead of upset!

carrie said...

I think it's beautiful...and it's similar to the picture but not exact...sorry about that but on the upside, you have my hair now just a little shorter ;)