Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Glimpse

DrummerDude sent me a few of his pictures from the wedding, and I picked a few to show you.

This first one I like, for some reason. It's technically not a "good" picture, but I love the moment it captures. That's LovelyDaughter, of course, being hugged by Dad. To the right, JD and his dad are exchanging a hug also.

This is LovelyDaughter with Grandpa. I think she looks very beautiful in this one.

And here's the whole bunch of us: JD, LovelyDaughter, Hubby, me, MB3, DrummerDude, and GuitarGeek (who must be just blinking-- that's a rather odd expression he's wearing.) MB3 and DrummerDude are not as scary as they look. They just like the "sober" look in photos. Also, I sure enjoyed wearing the dress I have on in the photo. The other day I bought a black shrug to wear with it, so I can use it now in cooler weather, and just in time, because this weekend is our annual Dinner Out with MandoNut and his folks, and they love to eat at NICE places. I get to dress up! Again!

A portrait of the bridal couple. I have to say that I have never seen a bride and groom look as relaxed as these two do. It must be because we kept the wedding simple. Also, we had no marathon photo session before the ceremony. On-the-spot snapshots are the only photos we have, but they all look so alive, and capture the day so well.


I know it's been three weeks since the wedding, and two weeks since the couple left on their trip, but I still find myself looking at the pictures over and over. Re-living, remembering; embedding it in my brain. Trying to somehow comprehend that this life-altering event has really happened. Trying to understand that I have stepped across into a new strata of life; a mother of grown children.

There are days I really miss LovelyDaughter.

Not because she's gone on a trip.

No, some days, in spite of all common sense, even though I am very happy and excited for her, I miss my unmarried, live-at-home daughter, who is gone forever.

Even stranger, I feel kinda like Megan at FriedOkra when she watched her little girl trot off to preschool for the first time (my adaptations in italics):

I didn't cry. Are y'all proud? Actually, I wasn't even sad. Because... this foray into married life feels right for LovelyDaughter at this stage in our lives, and I know she's truly going to love it. She needs some time and experiences all her own right now. The only things I felt walking away from the wedding were giddy excitement for her and a huge sense of pride at how she's grown up and become (acceptably) independent and ready for this, and I've been right there with her throughout the process. And dang y'all, that just feels GOOD.

I can't wait to pick her up after her honeymoon and hear all about it. I can't wait to tell her how proud I am of her and HOW STINKIN' MUCH I LOVE HER.

Oops. Did I say I didn't cry?

Guess I called that one a little early.


I guess it all comes around.

(read what Megan actually wrote here.)

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carrie said...

aww you made me cry!!!!

Such a beautiful young woman and a handsome group of young men you've got ;)