Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Which Way Is Up?

I've been reading articles and following, sort of, the political news, and now I remember why I usually don't.

It's a little bit like an optical illusion, particularly the one I have pictured here. Which way are the stairs going? At first, it's obvious which way, and then, after you look for a while, the stairs suddenly turn upside down.

That's the way I felt after reading an article by a woman who insisted that if McCain and Palin got into office, life in America as we know it would be over. Our lives would go down the drain, and so would our country.

Funny, that's pretty much what I thought, only with different names.

It felt strange to suddenly see the situation upside down.

Not that I didn't know there were people who disagree with me. Not that I don't sympathize with their point of view. This was different. I can't explain it, except it was disconcerting.

The question I found myself asking was, of course, Who's right? And the answer is, I'm not sure.

The only way to find out which direction the stairs really go, would be to put people on those stairs and see who walks and who falls off.

I guess after the election, when we start walking the stairs we have chosen, we'll find out.

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