Friday, September 26, 2008

A Little Bit About Nothing

MB3 and I had a long discussion this morning, mostly about JD and LovelyDaughter and the changes we fear are here. MB3 feels that he has lost his big sister forever. I try to encourage him, but without much conviction, for I too am afraid that she is gone forever. But perhaps we're being hasty. In fact, I HOPE we are being hasty.

I took myself to town today, ostensibly to renew the license on the chipper truck and return library books. But I also sat and read a book at the library, and had a little chat with the guy at the health food store, and spent all the time I wanted trying to choose a notebook at Walmart. (Note: I should have cut back my time at the library and gone to the office supply store.)

Now I'm home, with two shirts for myself: a brown camisole and a green tank top-- $3 each!-- for undershirts for this fall. Also a fresh stash of Dove chocolate, which truly is a splurge, the price of Dove being what it is. I rationalize by saying I'll share; it's not just for me.

I brought home licorice for GuitarGeek and mints for MB3. Stuff I used to do all the time-- out shopping, spending an afternoon to myself, then bringing home trinkets and library books for the family, just because.

It feels good.

I know it's time to make supper-- past time-- but I'm still enjoying being just a bit decadent in my own mild way. I'm not quite ready to jump in and be busy and responsible.


carrie said...

I don't think they'll starve ;) hehe!!!

Beck said...

I'm trying to imagine how I'll feel when my oldest daughter gets married... and I can't even quite get to that place. But she's nine, so I can just imagine for a while, right?