Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Did It!

I did it I did it!

The party last night was a smashing success. I made a huge batch of dough and put big balls of it on pizza pans-- eight of them-- and let everyone make their own pizza. I had tomato paste and salsa and all kinds of toppings, like peppers and olives and anchovies. I had mozzarella and American cheese (in case someone wanted to make cheeseburger pizza). There was cooked hamburger and pepperoni.

Hubby's mother offered the use of her two ovens, and since she lives pretty much next door (as next door as you can be in the country) we took her up on it. Two pizzas went into our oven as soon as they were ready, two more went over to Granny's house, and we kept it up till we used up all the dough, which amounted to eleven large pizzas. (We ate eight of them!)

There was just one little incident. One girl asked where her pizza had gone. She had made a fancy stuffed crust on it, and I didn't see it anywhere so I told her it must have gotten eaten before we realized it. I figured it was one of the ones that went to Granny's and I just hadn't seen it come back. Well, an hour later we called Hubby's folks to tell them we were ready for the musical concert, which they were invited to, and Granny was all apologetic. Somehow one pizza had been forgotten in her downstairs oven and she had just discovered it, burned to an absolute crisp. (At least the goats will be happy. They like that sort of thing.) It could have been a tragedy, but I've decided to remember it as a funny story, the kind you laugh at much later when you drag up old memories.

When no one could eat any more pizza, we all moved out to our "barn" (really Hubby's workshop/garage, but it looks kind of like a barn) for the music, which was great.

After the music, I brought out the ice cream and bananas and peanuts and chocolate syrup and Reddi-wip and Boston Cream Pie, upon which there were fearful inroads made.

The last guests left at about one o'clock in the morning.

I'm still amazed. We did it. And it was fun!


Lulu said...

Sounds like a very fun birthday party to me! Homemade pizzas are always fun. I like to make individual ones on pita bread rounds. The pita bread bakes to a crispy, delicious crust!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

sounds like fun. thanks for checking out my post on 5 minutes for humor!!