Friday, February 6, 2009

Quick Takes Friday, First Try


I'm joining Quick Takes Friday over at Conversion Diary. I'll try it in place of my Chocolate Box.


Well, today is the big day, the day of MB3's birthday party, and I have been working my tail off. Some sort of cleaning ogre takes over when I get ready for an event like this, and I start feeling like I have to make up for all my housecleaning inadequacies over the last however long all in one fell swoop. I have to keep pulling myself up short and taking it in perspective. After all, we didn't invite people over to inspect and grade my housekeeping. We invited them over to have fun together. In spite of that, I still have at least two hours of work in front of me. Let's hope I'm not too tired to enjoy the party!


We had a great time at the conference we went to last weekend. It's always fun to go somewhere with Hubby and Swede. They spent all their free time-when we weren't in the hot tub-- using my computer to look up lathe tools and accessories. It's good to see Hubby starting to enjoy his hobbies again.


Related to that, we've had a long slog through depression and ill health, but at the first of the year we felt a shift, and I think at long last our prayers are being answered. Life is looking good again.


I think I'm going to buy some new dishes. It just feels like time for a change. I have some picked out that I can buy a little at a time till I have enough. The melmac set I have is not essential anymore, since the kids aren't in danger of breaking dishes at this age (at least, not in more danger than most normal adults) so I can have stoneware again, ya think?


I helped LovelyDaughter paint her kitchen. I guess you can call it a kitchen. Even though it's in a house, it's no bigger than a tiny apartment kitchen. It seems like an after thought, tacked on to the dining room. It's paneled, with wooden cupboards, and wooden louvered closet doors hiding the hot water heater and washer and dryer. All that dark wood made the room very dank and dark and uninviting. In addition, the back splash over the sink is aqua colored tile. Very bathroom looking and seemed to clash somehow. AND there is no window. None.

So I had the bright idea to paint the paneling a pale creamy yellow, and you would not believe how much cheerier and brighter that tiny kitchen is. Plus, LovelyDaughter found a blue glass vase for her counter, and a painting that includes aqua and blue and yellow that pulls it all together. I'm pretty pleased, and so is she.


My time is up. I've GOT to get back to work.


Ronda said...

Happy Birthday wishes. :) I know that you will all have a swell time.

Lulu said...

After all, we didn't invite people over to inspect and grade my housekeeping.

I struggle with that same house cleaning dilemma. I absolutely won't let anyone in my house unless the toilets are clean and the floors are mopped. It's an awful affliction.