Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bizzy, Bizzy, Bizzy

I feel a little like that character in the story of Frosty the Snowman-- you know, the bumbling magician who unintentionally gave Frosty his magic hat? I can't remember the story very well, but I can hear him (unless it was someone else altogether) saying "Bi-zzy, Bi-zzy, Bi-zzy." Well, I've been busy, busy, busy, too.

Last week I painted our kitchen and dining room. And then we spent the weekend at a church conference, being on the worship team. We left everything torn up while we were gone, which was a big step for me. I'm usually obsessive about leaving the house in good order when we leave, because I hate coming home to a mess.

However, the point is, we've been busy, and we no longer have renter beige walls, we have "Golden Margarita." (Kilz Casual Colors; available at any Walmart near you.) I put up my four panels in four colors (Croscill Classics, Manchester Button-down Drapes, in Red, Gold, Natural, and Sage-- from Penney's) on the dining room window, and my plaid valance (in the same four colors; Park Designs, bought at Auntie Em's at the mall) on the kitchen window, and it all looks wonderful. Hubby is not sure he likes it. He's making me keep the old (like, over twenty years old) renter beige drapes, just in case. Grrr. But everyone else loves the new look. It feels sunny and happy; and the red, gold, natural, and sage of the new curtains just sets off the yellow walls.

However, now I don't know what to paint the living room. It is the long side of the L of our living space, and I bought "Golden Rod" for it, which is a deeper shade of yellow, but now I'm afraid it will be overkill. I don't want the room to go from "sunny and happy" to "noon time in Death Valley."

I've considered two options:

1) choose another color of paint (assuming Hubby doesn't kill this idea, since it would be a waste of twenty bucks if I don't use my gallon of Golden Rod.)

2) go ahead and use it, but sponge paint over it a couple of other colors to tone it down. I would use the leftover Golden Margarita, and maybe a tan or brown, and a green. Maybe even a terracotta/brick type color, to match our fireplace.

If I choose another color completely, then I am at a total loss what color to pick. I don't want too dark of a color, because I don't want the room to feel hard to light. Should I go with another shade of off-white, or light brown, or green (if it doesn't clash with my avocado sage green couch), or...or... oh, I don't know. You see my problem here.

I know some of you gals are great decorators and have a good eye for color. What would you do?


Sniz said...

I'm a faux-finisher. If I were you, I would paint the golden rod color, then if it is too dark or too yellow, or too anything for you, sponge paint over it using a combination sea sponge and old, wadded-up sock. The goal is blending. You don't want to draw attention to any color or any shape or any impression. Use big, motions, twisting your wrist and making sure you don't leave the same impression close to another. I may apply the paint towards the ceiling, then with the same hand, apply it four feet below, using a random, far-spaced pattern. I would recommend choosing colors that are really close to the original, not contrasting colors like green or red. The contrast doesn't do well with sponge painting...it's too hard and usually creates an amateur look. The only sponge painting I've ever done or seen that looks good is tone on tone. I would recommend choosing a color that is either slightly lighter or darker, then go over the whole thing with two parts off-white paint mixed with one part glaze and one part water. That will cover a multitude of sins and the glaze will keep it from drying fast. You can actually add glaze to anything to extend the drying time and it won't change the color. good luck! All your changes sound fun!

mom huebert said...

Sniz-- Thank you SO much for the suggestions! You've helped me a lot already.

slouching mom said...

I think sniz took care of the advice, no?

But I must say that you are on FIRE, woman! The energy! Where do you get it from?

mom huebert said...

slouching-- If it makes you feel any better, I had to sleep almost all day Monday to recover....

Plus I have lots of helpers here. If I had to do it all myself, I'm not sure I'd get it done. Like, who would move the refrigerator so I could paint behind it? Or take down the old, complicated curtain rod assembly? Thank God for teenagers (and twenty-somethings)!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I love that line from Frosty. I'm always saying Messy, messy, messy, when ever the kids spill something.

The only advice I can offer is to be very very careful about putting two yellows next to each other. If their base tone is different they can clash really bad. However, maybe if you sponge the first yellow over the second yellow it will work. Good luck. You are a good example to me. I always had the same opinion you did about decorated houses, but I too have seen some lovely, comfortable, humble homes that were thoughtfully decorated.