Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Today's Episode of The Good, The Bad, and The Bright (Side)

I woke up today feeling both good and bad. I had energy and motivation, and was in a good mood, deep down. But I also was fighting a cold, which made me tired and grouchy; which seemed to make my whole day play out the same way, and for a while I couldn't decide if I was having a good day or a bad day.

However, there's a bright side to everything. For example, the bright side to being energetic while miserable is....um, is.... that at least I'm getting something done, in spite of it...?

Well, it was easier to spell it out over the rest of the day. Like this...

Good: We remembered to get cereal yesterday so we could have breakfast today.
Bad: We forgot the milk.
Bright Side: We had biscuits and hot tea instead.

Good: I got a batch of bread baked.
Bad: In the process, I dropped my yeast jar on the floor and spilled dry yeast everywhere. And I didn't feel like cleaning up another mess!
Bright Side: The jar wasn't full, so it wasn't as big of a mess as it could have been. And I didn't spill ALL of it, so I can still bake a couple more batches of bread.

Good: I got the trim off the wall by myself.
Bad: I put two dinks in two of the freshly painted walls trying to maneuver that long piece of trim.
Bright Side: They can be touched up, and will blend in with all the other older dinks.

Good: Cleaned out the heretofore unknown mouse chewings and droppings back in the corner behind LovelyDaughter's art desk.
Bad: We have MICE???
Bright Side: I think the mice are long gone, but if not, we can set mouse traps.

Good: The back and underside of my rolltop desk is clean.
Bad: I'm still trying not to be grossed out by how much spiderwebby dust there was. What kind of slobs are we?
Bright Side: At least it's clean NOW.

Good: I got the rolltop desk moved away from the wall.
Bad: I had to nearly break my back and the desk doing it myself before anyone would come help me, even though I asked for help.
Bright Side: At least it got done, and I didn't really break my back. And the desk may have been cracked already.

Good: I got all the furniture moved, and all the painting done.
Bad: Everything is in huge chaos, and it all has to be put back.
Bright Side: The chaos is not bothering anyone but me, so I think I'll chill. It will get done, in time.

Good: Estimated time painting one wall-- 20 minutes.
Bad: Estimated prep time, including moving furniture, taking apart the homemade brick-and-board shelving, laying out newspaper and dropclothes, cleaning up the dirt and cobwebs behind the furniture and off the walls, and assembling the painting supplies-- one to two hours, depending which wall. (And that doesn't include how long it's going to take me to put everything back.)
Bright Side: At least the painting is fast. Imagine how long it would take if the painting itself took as long as the rest of it.

Good: The paint color I chose looks wonderful on the living room walls.
Bad: It doesn't look so great on the wood floor where I dropped a large splot of it.
Bright Side: I think I can scrape the splot up. The floor is oiled, and it appears the paint did not actually soak in. I hope.

Good: I got lots done today.
Bad: I'm too tired to go to a Christmas party we are invited to tonight.
Bright Side: We just found out the road conditions are pretty snowy and icy, so we probably wouldn't go anyway. (It's a 90 mile round trip, approximately, which can be miserable in bad weather.)

Actually, It looks wonderful in here, in spite of the chaos. So far, incredibly, it's turning out like I pictured, so I can hardly wait to make the rest of the trim and put up the curtains, and get the furniture rearranged. Even though it's taking much LONGER than I'd hoped, and is much more WORK, because of all the CLEANING I'm ending up doing, it's still good. It's going to look like a new and much cheerier-- and cleaner-- place when I'm done.

Final assessment: BRIGHT.


Homeschool Help Web said...

For the paint on the floor, try - very carefully! - one of those Mr. Clean Magic Eraser things. They worked wonders a couple of years ago when I was painting a room with wood floors!

Just be careful not to get into the floor's finish too much.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

It takes a good woman to see the good in every bad. And just think how delicious it will all be when you are done, knowing that you did it with a smile (no matter how forced).

Ornery's Wife said...

Nothing quite like a freshly painted room. That is always when I get the most cleaning done. After the room is all put back together, I like to just sit there and absorb the clean beauty. It's good to like your own choices, don't you think?