Wednesday, December 5, 2007

TT#14: My Dream Christmas List of Things to Give and Things to Get

Thirteen Things about momhuebert

I wish I had plenty of money this time of year (well, any time of year actually....) because of all the things I wish I could get for my husband and my kids. But I don't, so I can't, and more's the pity.

So to remedy this, at least in part, I decided to "pretend" shop.

Kind of like the game LovelyDaughter plays with her young cousin at family gatherings: go through the Penney's catalog and "buy" one thing from every page. I actually played with them at Thanksgiving, and it can get kinda hard on some pages ("well, if I were an old lady, I'd buy that pair of shoes") and pretty funny on other pages ("um, if I were a guy, I'd buy those underwear") and there is lots of laughing and joking.

What I've done here is make a list of things I know my family would love to have and pretend that I really could buy them for Christmas. Kids, if you read this: Merry Christmas!-- with all my heart, if not with money.

Somehow it scratches an itch. I have half a mind to print out all these pictures and put them on the more inexpensive things I will end up really buying, with a note: I may look like a giant bag of Skittles, but at heart I'm a leather jacket, just for you.

Anyway, without further ado, here's My Wishful List of Christmas Gifts.

First off, for Hubby.

1. These custom made Carl Dyer moccasins, called Ring Boots.

2. This suede jacket (from Territory Ahead) that looks like an upgraded version of the Carharrt work jackets he likes, only this one would be for driving around in our BMW Z3.

For GuitarGeek, our oldest son:

3. One or two or three of these shirts from The Territory Ahead.

4. This "Leather Hoodie," also from Territory Ahead. Actually, I'd like to buy him half the catalog (the men's half, of course). It all looks like him.

For LovelyDaughter:

5. This candle holder:

6. This coat (from Woolrich):

For DrummerDude, our 19-year-old:

7. This camera (a Fuji S8000fd)

8. This laptop (a black MacBook-- woohoo!)

For MB3, who is 16, almost 17:

9. A cowboy hat, maybe like this one...

10. These absolutely cool leather pants

And now, three things for myself.

11. This audio bible:

12. And this, to listen to it with:

13. Fancy chocolate (imagine that!)-- lots of it; rich, dark, maybe with nuts....

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Coco said...

Great list... I hope you get the stuff you want. I'd love to wish for those myself too! Especially the chocolate ;)

Di said...

Don't buy the black MacBook!!! It's more expensive just because it's...BLACK!!! Is that the craziest thing????

Robin said...

I love all the jackets you picked!

Becca said...

Really great list. I think I like LovelyDaughter's candleholder the best. Very Wind in the Willows-y. Thanks for stopping by!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

My parents, when they were dirt poor, would tell each other what they wanted to buy the other for Christmas. My mom said it always meant so much to hear that dad really wanted to buy her leather boots, a new car, and some opal earrings, he just couldn't.

Danielle said...

That's such a cool almost brought a tear :-)

Those are great gifts too...if you ever win the lottery, could you adopt me?

Linda said...

Great list. I also saw your comment to Big Mama about your son, and that is incredible. You were/are blessed with a boy who TALKS!

DrillerAA said...

The leather pants are a little too Chippendale for me, but the leather hoodie is way coole!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great TT

storyteller said...

I love Territory Ahead, but I tend to look rather than buy there. Chocolate after dinner is ALWAYS a tasty treat ... yum :)
Thanks for stopping by my Blog to read my very first Thursday Thirteen post on Good Books to share with children.
Hugs and blessings,

Sniz said...

Loved your last line before your list..."I may look like a bag of Skittles, but I'm really a leather jacket at heart." Very clever.

Norma said...

What a terrific list and photos. Very clever. It will remind me to do my shopping.

Passing out a small piece of chocolate before giving a talk also helps the audience remember your points. (in ref. to your comment at my blog) So you are definitely prepared.

Ornery's Wife said...

cool list, but I don't think you should stop with just the little iPod, go for the Nano! I actually did get one this year and am LOVING it! We both got one "for each other" and have both gotten way more use out of them than either of us imagined.

That was fun, and you have great taste!

carrie said...

That's a great list!