Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Cold and Dreary Outside, But Warm and Sunny Inside

I've been working on getting my re-decorating done in time for Christmas, and it's been a long slog. Somehow this has turned into not just re-painting, but a cross between fall house cleaning and moving. The dust I've found! The spider webs! The papers and books and catalogs and magazines I've had to DO something with! The re-thinking of furniture placement!

I've got the kitchen and dining areas painted, and now two walls of the living area, and I'm happy to report that my two shades of yellow are looking nice, as I'd hoped, and not overwhelming, as I'd feared. The lighter shade looks very sunny and happy, as I've mentioned before, and the darker shade is almost the exact shade of buckskin, and looks very cozy and warm. And now, though the project is not yet completely finished, the house feels bright and cheerful, even on these cold, gray days we've been having lately.

The great thing is, not only do I like it, but so do all four of my kids. I think Hubby likes it, too, but he's reserving his judgment till it's all done and he can see if it grows on him.

If all goes well, I will try to post pictures eventually, so you can see what I've been up to.


Jen said...

Isn't it gross how much nasty stuff you find when you are moving stuff around?

I can't wait to see your pictures, I want to do some yellow in my house, but its so hard to find the right one.

Sniz said...

It sounds so pretty! I can't wait to see pictures!