Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In which I tell of all the living I've been doing lately

For the last week I've been so busy living life, I haven't really had time to write about it.

Last Thursday we participated in a homeschool Christmas concert. It was being put on in a small town theater about two hours away from here. We were, once again, the big shots from out of town. Our part of the concert went well, in spite of the fact that 1) we had all been taking turns being sick --too sick to practice-- in the weeks leading up to the concert, and 2) I had a violin string break right before our turn on stage. Aack. Fortunately, I usually keep spare strings, so I was able to fix the problem, but GuitarGeek and the concert host took turns telling jokes to keep the audience occupied while I frantically fitted a new string and tried to tune it. Talk about adrenaline.

Oh, and 3) I was in the middle of my turn for the Big Cold, and was working on laryngitis. If I sang very quietly right into the mic and concentrated real hard, I could make my voice come out and keep it from cracking. Mostly.

After the concert, all the participants were invited for chili at the Baker's house, and we had a great time. The chili was just what my cold wanted; the friendship was wonderful and heartening. Therefore we didn't manage to tear ourselves away till after midnight. Which means we didn't get home till after two, and didn't get to bed till three. It's actually good we go to bed as soon as that, since we heat our house with wood, and we had to re-light the fire after being gone for twelve hours and get the stove going good before we could sleep.

Friday evening Hubby and I went with our friend Swede to a bible class we are considering enrolling in. While we were out, it began snowing. And snowing. At the end of the class another friend invited us out for a bite. Actually what he said was that he and his wife needed a fix of "cheap tacos." Oh how I wanted to go! He jokingly said we'd be done by midnight or one-- and I knew how close to the truth that actually was-- and the three o'clock bedtime of the night/morning before rose up and taunted me. Plus, the roads were fast becoming unfriendly, so we regretfully declined and made our slow way home.

We got home around eleven and ending up waiting up till midnight anyway for MandoNut who was driving out from the Big City a hour away to spend the weekend with us. He hadn't made it yet because of the snow. But he got here, and we all headed to bed, knowing we'd possibly be snowed in in the morning.

Saturday we finished putting back the chaos from the painting project and cleaned house, all in between long, interesting conversations with MandoNut.

Sunday we had a crowd of friends over for worship/music/prayer/fellowship, and soup, so now our living room has the drum set and the guitar rig and the bass rig set up in it. This is not the first time I've been grateful for our open living space, our expanding table, and our versatile sectional couch!

Yesterday, LovelyDaughter and I went Christmas shopping. In spite of my optimistic hopes, we didn't get it all done. We weren't able to head out till mid-afternoon, so there just wasn't time. However, my cold, in addition to causing me to lose sleep at night, has greatly reduced my stamina, so it was just as well. I actually only have two gifts left to get, and the candy for the stockings, and I may do that this afternoon.

I had hoped to have the re-decorating all done before Christmas, as sort of a Christmas present to myself, but I think it's too much pressure to put on myself. I might get the ceiling done, if I can do it around all the music gear. I'd better find some BIG tarps! The trim will have to wait till after Christmas, I'm thinkin'.

It's been good. The big family Christmas gathering is next Sunday, and then we're home free, and MandoNut might come for Christmas, and maybe Swede, and LovelyDaughter and I will spend time together in the kitchen making all kinds of good food for all of our guys and it will be good. Very good.


carrie said...

I was starting to wonder if you'd fallen off the planet ;) Glad to hear you're doing well though! We finished up our Christmas shopping Saturday!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Sounds lovely (And now I want a cheap taco fix). We are heating our home solely by woodstove this year and it had been quite the adventure.

slouching mom said...

I'm so glad things have been going so well! Happy Holidays!