Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I guess we shouldn't be surprised...?

LovelyDaughter has been working since last June at a local fast food joint, earning money for her trip to Scotland this summer. Lately she began to feel that her time there was about up. She's been very tired, and had cold symptoms for a month that won't go away; and she wondered if she could earn money some other way between now and next June.

So a few weeks ago she put in her notice and said she'd like March 24 to be her last day. The manager begged her to stay on till they found a replacement, so LovelyDaughter compromised, and agreed to stay till April 1.

Last week, she learned they had found a new employee who would begin in April and take her place, which was wonderful.

And then, last Monday, as she's getting ready for work, the phone rings, and it's the manager, who tells LovelyDaughter not to bother coming in any more.

That created mixed feelings. Relief-- to not have to go back to work. Letdown-- at the thought of not going to work. Whiplash-- at the sudden change in plans.

But now we don't know: did she quit or was she fired? Hmm.

The good news is that now she can work with the family tree work, earning better pay, and still have time to rest up and plan for her trip. AND, I get the option of staying home and keeping the household running. It's a great thing all the way around.


PrayerMom said...

As long as she submitted notice according to their policy, it's a quit.

I had a situation years ago where a manager was mad that I put in a two-week notice because he assigned me more hours than we had agreed were appropriate after an injury, so he told me not to come in the next day. I called their HQ, and they sent me a check for the two week due diligence time that I had offered in writing to the company, with an apology.

This situation just sounds like he was desperate to fill a gap, and not so desperate when he did. We always end up right somewhere when we follow our peace of heart.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Aw, it's like having a boy, you were planning to dump, dump you first. But I'm glad she is in a better position now.

Prayermom is right, though. If you give a two week notice they can't fire you and must keep you or pay you for the two weeks (if you give a two week notice)