Friday, March 21, 2008

I wonder if they wear sunglasses and carry concealed weapons

Quite a few of the Psalms in my Daily Prayers lately have been cries for help and protection. Psalm after Psalm, and verse after verse, of "Lord, hear my cry" and "Be my fortress and stronghold" and "Hide me in your shadow." I began to think odd thoughts. What am I-- weak and helpless and whiney?

I was thinking these unhelpful things while I was raking yesterday, and in the middle of raking I suddenly had a new thought, a picture, if you will.

The weak and helpless are not the only ones who need protection. There is another class of people who are guarded, and it's not because they are weak, but because they are important, and even powerful.

Presidents. Diplomats. Celebrities. They all have bodyguards, to protect them from people trying to get to them, sometimes with evil intent.

Suddenly I saw that as Christians it's not a bad thing to need protection. Maybe it's because we are ambassadors with an important mission, and we have spiritual enemies. And that's when I saw the picture of us walking around with a contingent of Bodyguard Angels.



PrayerMom said...

I once was actively involved doing prayer support and encouragement for a friend that I thought knew everything about prayer and had mastered it, judging from the depth of her teaching on prayer and the serenity that she displays. She was going through a particularly difficult time in her family to the point of despairing of life. It taught me as well as anything could that those who are going and doing and seem strong sometimes need more, rather than less, prayer, since they become targets of the enemy because of their productivity for the Kingdom of God.

Prayer should always be something about which we defer to the Holy Spirit for guidance, rather than trusting our powers of observation. He has the eagle's eye view of the circumstances here, and is the best judge of where our focus belongs.

carrie said...

Mom, my husband LOVES this post...(so do I which is why I shared it with him ;) ) he was wondering if he could borrow your vision and expand on it for a sermon?

Oh and they do carry concealed and I'm sure they wear sunglasses ;)

carrie said...

Oh, and I'm editing my thought...I believe they wear "son"glasses ;)

Ornery's Wife said...

This was a fun post. I always enjoy thinking outside the box when I am reading the Bible. God created using His imagination, and He created us in His image, so it seems logical that we would also have vivid imaginations! Hope your Easter was exceptionally blessed! TM

My Ice Cream Diary said...

This reminded me of the year that my sisters, being the angels in the Nativity scene at Christmas, dressed up in trench coats, hats and sunglasses.

So true, though, that it is not only the weak who need protection.