Thursday, March 6, 2008

TT#25: Thirteen Birthday Cakes I Have Made

Since tomorrow is my birthday, I thought it would be fun to make a list of thirteen birthday cakes I have made for my kids over the years. Up until they hit thirteen years old, I made them a "fancy" cake, and when they were old enough to choose, I let them pick out of two different books I had.

Of course, these are not MY cakes. To show you the actual cakes I made would have required digging out the scrapbooks, finding the birthday pictures, and trying to figure out how to scan pictures in a scrapbook on to the computer. Just way too much work a bit too technological for me. Instead, I have found pictures of similar cakes to give you an idea. (These are in not in chronological order.)

1. A Turtle cake. This is the exact cake, out of the exact book I have! I made this probably once for each of my four kids.

2. Ladybug cake. This was for LovelyDaughter.

3. "Bob the Tomato". This was for MB3, when he was younger, of course. Mine was nicer than this, I think, but I never thought of adding the Peas!

4. Castle Cake, for LovelyDaughter. This looks very much like the picture out of the book I used.

5. Spider Web cake, for DrummerDude. And I think I did use chocolate frosting.

6. Computer cake. For MB3. This is almost exactly like the one I made.

7. Hobby Horse. Again, this is the exact book I used. I made this cake for MB3's first birthday.

8. Princess Doll, for LovelyDaughter. We used miniature marshmallows to decorate the skirt.
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9. Cat cake. Or, as my kids called it, a Kitty Cake. I don't know how many times I made a cake like this. Probably twice for each of the kids. It was their favorite when they were little.

10. Smiley Face. For LovelyDaughter.

11. Pick up truck. This looks pretty close to the one I made for DrummerDude, except for the side boards. His was even blue. The frosting I made was sort of a marshmallow frosting, and it was sort of a flop. It ran and oozed, but when it set up, it actually looked really cool, like a smooth, shiny paint job. We filled the bed of the truck with crushed oreos, and it looked just like a load of dirt.

12. Train cake. I made this cake more than once. One time, I made it in conjunction with another cake that I decorated to look (sort of) like a train station. This was because DrummerDude and GuitarGeek have birthdays one day apart, and that year we wanted to have one party, but yet let them each have their own cake. I also made this for MB3.

13. Pumpkin/Jack 0'lantern cake. This was another double-duty cake. It's actually two bundt cakes, one right side up on top of one upside down. So I let DrummerDude and GuitarGeek pick their own flavor of cake, and then made two bundt cakes, and made a pumpkin out of it. If I remember right, one was chocolate, and one was yellow. Unlike this picture, I used a flat bottom ice cream cone for the stem. I thought the whole thing turned out really impressive.


grace said...

You are very talented! Your kids are so lucky. Happy TT.

Robyn Jones said...

Man- you are one talented lady! I should keep you around here!!

emeraldcityguy said...

Wow, you are much more adventurous with cake than I am. I'm doing good to get it out of the pan and frosted. LOL I love the ladybug cake. Happy TT!

Lisa said...

very cool! I almost always make the kids cakes too, and love doing it! Those are some creative ideas!

My Thirteen is up as well, Happy TT!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

You are so cool! I have to say that I depend a lot on Little Debbie for my birthday cakes.

melissa said...

wow-impressive =)

my mom made me a doll cake for my 10th b-day, it was the best cake i've ever had!

happy tt

Boo said...

Hi Cindy! I'm 25 minutes early but I thought I'd wish you a happy birthday anyway!! Hope it's a good one!

~Your cousin Sarah

mom huebert said...

Boo-- Thank you!

By the way, I stopped by your blog. Very nice. I hope things are going better by now. Hang in there.

Smiler said...

You're right, that pumpkin cake IS very impressive. I also like the lady bug. It all looks like so much work! But must be fun to make. Happy birthday!

Lulu said...

Those are some pretty cool cakes! I really like the pumpkin cake.

Cake decorating is something that I've always wanted to try. But first, I must learn how to cook.