Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not Again

We are watching the destruction of yet another piece of scenery today. About a quarter mile south of here there is big equipment tearing out a long row of trees where LovelyDaughter enjoyed walking. Another pivot is going in.

To the north of us, next door, so to speak, two more pivot sprinklers are going in, destroying what we always called "The Corn Road," a dirt driveway encircling the field, where we often take took walks.

Last fall, across the section east, the farmer tore out a huge section of woods where the boys had permission to ride their motorcycles. We grieved then, and we're grieving now.

This morning in my prayer book I didn't get past the first reading, Psalm 95, where it says

In his hand are all the corners of the earth;
and the strength of the hills is his also.

If God owns it all, isn't there a piece of scenery for us? Can't he give us a piece of our own out out of his great stockpile? We are so dependent on other people's land for our beauty and our recreation. When they decide they need corn fields and pivots, we are left bereft.

I am sorrowful and frustrated as I watch from the picture windows. I can't help but see, I can't help but lament.


Anonymous said...

Hello I came over from RIMD....I had to tell you that I can't agree more with you about youth groups! I think no days youth groups are just an extention of their school and not necessarily focused where it should be!

On a side note thanks for this post, this is what we have been witnessing in our area and it makes us so sad!

PrayerMom said...

Do you think that you'll always be there, or do you think that the Lord may eventually find you another, more wooded set of hills?

My Ice Cream Diary said...

We are reading The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton for kindergarten this week and it about this same thing. Being out in the country, enjoying the beauty, only to have the city creep up on you and surround you. Pretty soon there won't be any country to move to. It makes me so sad.