Wednesday, March 12, 2008

To Dye For

Well, as usual it was a busy weekend. As you may remember, Friday was my birthday. Hubby took me out to eat Friday night. Will it estrange you forever to know we went to Runza, and I had the Sweet Berry Chicken salad?

Of course, the original plan was Applebee's, but the waiting line, being as it was Friday night, was very long, and we didn't feel like joining it.

Saturday was a beautiful day, and LovelyDaughter offered to do the grocery shopping, so she took me along and dropped me off at a park, where I walked, all by myself, for a couple of hours. Nice.

Sunday-- GuitarGeek and I were substituting on the worship team, so we were up early (extra early, since it was Spring Forward weekend.) I get really hungry on those Sundays, because we eat breakfast extra early, and then don't eat again till two o'clock.

I don't remember Monday. We always have jet lag or something when the time changes. Plus, it's a little known fact that changing the clocks--whether forward or backward-- adversely affects memory.

But anyway. I want to tell you that yesterday I dyed my pink pants. I have had a pair of bright pink corduroy jeans. I loved them, not exactly for the color, but for the fit and comfort. But after two years, I realized I still have very little to wear with them. I get tired of black and white. And anything else pink is either the wrong shade, or makes me feel ALL pink.

Fortunately, the cut and style are still in style, and they still fit the best of any of my jeans. Unfortunately, they were PINK.

So. I took the plunge, and I dyed them dark brown. A bee-yoo-tiful shade of chocolate which will be useful with many of my shirts and sweaters. And the cool thing is, the pink stitching did not change, so now I have chocolate brown pants with hot pink stitching. It looks VERY cool. And the white decorative stitching on the pockets turned tan, which also looks very cool.

That was so much fun, that I also dyed a Shade shirt I have. It was a strange salmon pink that did not look good on me, or match anything I have. (I think it was called "fuschia", but it was not fuschia.) Anyway, I dyed it too; and it turned a very pretty dark plum color with hot pink binding around the neck and arms. It looks cute with my "new" brown pants, so now I have new outfit to wear to the conference we are going to this weekend.

AND. Then I decided to throw some white socks in the pot. (There was still perfectly good dye in there...) THAT was fun. Now I have half a dozen pair of two-tone brown socks-- the feet are heathered pinky brown, and the ankles are hot chocolate.

Then LovelyDaughter decided to dye a few things, but the dye pot was getting tired, and her results were not so great.

But I have new brown corduroys!


My Ice Cream Diary said...

How fun! I have some dye left over from tie dying. Hmmm, I wonder what I should dye?

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Oh, and I'm totally drooling over the idea of a child old enough to grocery shop while I go for a lovely walk. It sounds so lovely.

Ornery's Wife said...

Happy Belated birthday. What a fun tale of frugal wardrobe updating! I have only dyed a handful of things in my life, but usually the fabric is wrong to accept the dye and it ends up a murky color.

Lulu said...

Now, aren't you the smart one! Great idea about dying your pink pants. I'll definitely have to remember that trick!