Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TT#31: Thirteen things I do when I'm supposed to be making supper, or cleaning something

 Thirteen things I do when I'm supposed to be making supper, or cleaning something.

I don't do these all at once, or every time, but I do tend to procrastinate.

I'm not sure why I procratinate cooking meals, because I like to cook. I think it's because of all the decision-making about what to have that pulls me up short.

Now, cleaning? I like a clean house, but I do not like to actually clean it.

So, what else can I do while the dust quietly accumulates and the dishes stack up? I can...

1. re-read old books that I've read many times already (I'll bet I've read Anne of Green Gables more times than you have)

2. play TipTop or Cubis 2 (my favorite online games)

3. read the latest updates to the blogs in my feed reader (if you're in my list of blogs I like, know that I read your blog within minutes of you posting. My feed reader BONKS at me to let me know)

4. follow links from the blogs to who-knows-where (and sometimes I find interesting stuff, too)

5. find someone to talk to (like Hubby, or anyone who's home)

6. check email (often, at all three accounts. Maybe THIS time I actually got mail!)

7. eat chocolate (Dove is my favorite, and I limit myself to two or three a day. I don't want to pull the ripcord, after all, as Hubby says.)

8. look for stuff on Amazon and eBay (I don't buy much, but I will look for certain things. Like right now I'm looking for a replacement for my paring knife that broke)

9. check the mailbox (not the virtual one, the real one) and sometimes even read the junk mail

10. look for interesting things to watch on YouTube (usually stuff like the latest from American Idol, or music videos, or episodes of very old TV shows)

11. write comments on the blogs I read (If I can think of anything to say)

12. check my blog tracker (Who's been here today, and what were they looking for, and where are they from? Those are the burning questions)

13. re-read my own old posts to see if they're worth reading (Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't)

What do you do when you don't want to do something else?

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kay said...

I'm sure I do some of those things, too. I do love to re-read favorite books.

danica said...

oh, man. what a great topic. I have been meaning to write about procrastinating... and I just realized how hilarious that was when I typed it there :-D I want to write about the different kinds of procrastinating there are and what it means and how to ferret it all out and quit it.... SOMEDAY ;-)

I guess this is good information for that piece too, because sometimes procrastination is just forgetfulness. And sometimes it's part forgetfulness, and part refusing to do something in the hopes that it will somehow go away! And sometimes it's something else entirely.

I'm happy though to say that it's become harder for me to procrastinate as I pay more attention to this stuff... when I am doing something that is not what I need to be doing, it feels buzzy and anxious and unsatisfying, and eventually I give up in disgust and go do whatever I need to! (Although sometimes I've put it off long enough that now I can't - which isn't as good as I want it to be!)

1. re-read old books that I've read many times already (I'll bet I've read Anne of Green Gables more times than you have)

Probably! But I had an (insane) ex who was obsessed with the series and may have read it hundreds of times by now... so there's that!

Angie said...

I do so many of these too! Sometimes I wonder how much I could get done if I could just stay focused on what I *needed* to do, not what I *wanted* to do.

Lori said...

Im not a fan of cleaning but because we are women, I guess thats supposed to be our job...*heavy sigh* I dont like to cook so i do it quickly to get oit over with...great list. Happy TT:)

SandyCarlson said...

I have found that the chores are like the best of friends--always there for you! Might as well live a little.

carrie said...

OH gosh...I will have to do this tomorrow...this is a great thursday thirteen!!!! I'm all over it...but not right now..LOL!

Crazy Daisy said...

Great list :) I did one like this a while ago, and looking back, I had many blog/computer related ones too!

Carol said...

My #1 is "play my guitar!"

Great list!

carrie said... list is up ;)

On a limb with Claudia said...

I think everyone procrastinates on making meals. It's an odd thing. I hadn't thought of it until you mention it here. When I start procrastinating, I get the crockpot out and make some soup in the morning so my day is free.

Happy TT

Ornery's Wife said...

LOL I have reread many books many times. Sadly, I have always been surprised by the ending. I have no capacity for remembering those little details. A good book is a good investment for me! :-) As for the computer, let's not EVEN go there! I consider that time earned, for all the years I had to do stuff for other people.
Happy TT!