Friday, June 6, 2008

Where the wind comes sweeping o'er the plains

So. Okay. I'm catching my breath.

Today is the first sunny, dry day in almost two weeks, and I have been madly running around doing things that couldn't be done in the rain. Most notably, the laundry. 

We don't have a functioning dryer, so we hang everything up outside on the clothesline in warm, dry weather, or on an antique rack by the woodstove in cold weather. 

The problem comes when we have warm, wet weather. Nothing gets dry anywhere on those days. Outside on the line the laundry gets rained on; or it gets almost dry, but not quite. Then we bring it in to hang by the stove (which is not burning, since the weather is warm) and the clothes may or may not finish drying, depending how much humidity is already in the house. 

This, of course, creates a backlog of laundry, especially with six grown people, and let's just say that the only reason I personally had clean underwear yesterday was because I went and bought some. 

But today is a perfect drying day. It's sunny. It's warm. It's breezy. The air is actually dry! I've run six loads through the washer, and hung them all on the line -- well, one load is still in the washer-- and two loads are back inside already, clean, dry, and folded. 

I know Hubby will be happy. He can stop taking dirty underwear from the bottom of the basket now. It's all CLEAN! 

At least, his is.  Tomorrow, the kids get theirs done.  Weather permitting, of course.

Unless they go buy new underwear, and then we've got a few more days.


carrie said...

Oh my!!! Wanna come borrow my dryer???? I don't think I could live without it...

Ornery's Wife said...

I can so relate to the wet weather, but I do have a dryer, so don't have the same woes, and with only two of us the pile doesn't get quite so big.

I am glad you finally got a sunny day, though. TM

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I could never rely on just sunshine to dry my laundry here. I don't know how the pioneers ever had dry clothes here in Seattle. I am still waiting for Spring to come, let alone Summer. *sigh*