Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just Like Real Folks

In the process of our re-decorating and re-arranging, we found room for a little piece of useless decoration. Just like real folks.

LovelyDaughter set this up for Christmas, and it's still up, because I like it.

In the background you can see our Golden Margarita-colored wall, with the new sage green curtain panel against it. The cloth under the arrangement is a dishcloth I got for Christmas.

The little book is something I got from my MIL many years ago, a book of recipes for Peppernuts. Peppernuts are a Christmas/holiday treat, usually made with anise. They start out as a stiff dough that is cut into tiny little cookies, and I do mean tiny. Years ago it was source of pride among homemakers how tiny their peppernuts were. Some people rolled the dough into ropes and cut off pieces with scissors. Others rolled the dough out flat and cut out the peppernuts with a thimble.

When Hubby and I got married, we decided to beat everyone, and we use a funnel! -- a Tupperware funnel, with a teensy opening. It makes cute little crunchy bites, and I think we've won the unofficial "Smallest Peppernuts" contest.

Anyway. Stay tuned for more updates on our re-decorating, adding photos one or two at a time as Blogger allows.


carrie said...

Very kewl!!!! I love those figurines...My mom got the nativity set last year for Christmas!!

shannymar said...

I've got a little something for you on my site!
I awarded you the Excellent Blog Award. Come and get it!

The Rock Chick said...

Love the color scheme! I've been very into those colors lately, too. They are so comforting!


annb said...

Thanks for the visit and yes, grandkids are wonderful. I'm taking my 3 year old grandson to "Build-A-Bear" for his 4th birthday which he will celebrate next week!
I have never heard of Peppernuts and would love to have more info on them. I have a link (on my profile) page to my email address if you have time some time or I'll also be visiting you again and maybe you could share more here.
In His Love and Blessings,

Sniz said...

That's interesting about the peppernuts. Your daughter is talented!

Heart of Wisdom said...

How cute that your decor matches your blog.

I got the Excellent Blog award this morning also. at (my other blog).

Glad to have found you.

Lulu said...

Very cute little setting there! I love the colors!