Monday, January 14, 2008

Snapshots Of My Life Lately--NOT!

Okay. I have been trying all day to upload photos to my blog, and Blogger is being a pain. It just refuses to oblige me. Even after I went to all the trouble of throwing a fit so that finally someone loaned me their card reader so I could transfer pictures from the camera to my laptop.

It has not been a good day.

First of all, last week was exhausting. It was the week our church chose to have their yearly 24/7 Week Of Prayer. Only this year, instead of having the church open for worship and prayer the entire week, they decided to take a busload of people, starting Sunday afternoon, on a "prayer tour" across the state, holding a prayer meeting in a different city each night. Our family, as part of the worship team was invited, and at first we wanted to go. But several things caused us to change our minds. One, we would be riding in a jouncy, rough bus for a week. Two, we would be sleeping on concrete church floors every night. Three, there would be no shower facilities for most of the week, unless we rented a hotel room.

On their own, those three are not necessarily grounds for refusal. But number Four did us in: the expense. Do you know how much it would cost to feed six people on the road for an entire week??! We had to gracefully decline.

Then, on Tuesday morning, we got a call. The prayer team desperately wanted musicians, especially a drummer, for that evening's meeting, and could we come if they paid our gas and fed us supper? It took us about two minutes to decide that under those circumstances, even though it was a two hour drive and we had to pack up the drum set, that we would love to go.

So we did. And had a wonderful time. After the meeting we had a lovely time talking about God things, and making friends with some people from the church we'd never gotten a chance to get to know. It was lovely enough that we didn't leave till one o'clock in the morning. If you do the math, you'll discover we didn't get home till three. Ouch.

The next day was Wednesday, and the prayer team was back in our home church, and we had already promised at the beginning that we COULD be there for that meeting, so we went. That night we didn't get to bed till two.

Thursday, the meeting was in the Big City, an hour away. We decided we could attend that meeting as well, since MandoNut lives in Big City, and he would go to the meeting if we were there, and we'd have a chance to visit. This time, the meeting was exhausting and disappointing. However, we did get to go out for a midnight supper with MandoNut, which was great fun. We had the restaurant to ourselves, which was interesting. We got home between one and two, after leaving DrummerDude to camp out with the prayer team on the church floor.

By that time, we were all getting very weary. The late nights, the driving, the packing up of instruments, the standing on stage for hours, the playing. Of course we love to play our instruments for the worship team, but it IS tiring, nevertheless; especially since we usually play for several hours at a time.

The next night, Friday, the meeting was in a Larger City farther away, and Hubby and I were not enthusiastic. Gas is still expensive, after all, and the late nights were starting to pall. However, our friend Swede has a son and daughter-in-law and baby granddaughter in that city, and wangled himself a supper invitation, so he went, taking GuitarGeek and LovelyDaughter with him. They all got back home at midnight, and oddly, we were still up, our games with MB3 having caused us to lose track of time, and by the time we had hashed over all their adventures, it was once again after one o'clock.

Saturday we were up late, and I can't even remember why. Probably force of habit. We were all so exhausted we ended up staying home from church Sunday to recuperate. (Fortunately, it was our Sunday off for the worship team. I hope we didn't miss something good.)

So today I woke up extremely grouchy and tired and ache-y. Why? I wish I knew. After all, we spent the day yesterday recovering. I should have felt GRRRR-REAT! today. Everything made me frustrated. I wanted to upload pictures, but I don't have a card reader and couldn't find one to borrow. When I did, Blogger wouldn't cooperate. Our trim project is not getting done (too tired last week). Our bills are waiting to be paid (have to do the work first). Our tree work is not getting done (too much snow). Hubby needs me to be happy, cheerful, cooperative, hard-working, and enthusiastic, and I'm just TOO BLAME TIRED!

So you have no nice pictures to look at. And I'm too tired to write any of the wonderful, meaningful things I've been thinking about writing. Where's that wine we keep trying to like?

Oh my, would you look at the time...ten o'clock. Only four hours till bedtime....


Marti said...

Exhaustion has a way of making even bright things look gray.

Jesus set the example for us of daily withdrawl into the presence of the Father for a recharge. If He was not in that habit, He wouldn't have been able to handle things like being stopped on His way to a quiet place to mourn the senseless death of John the Baptist to guide the disciples in the how-to of feeding and caring for 5,000+ people with reasonable grace. I usually wake up in some sort of internal battle, and have learned to listen for that answer to the challenge.

Psalm 119:28
My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word.

Is. 50:4
The Sovereign LORD has given me an instructed tongue,
to know the word that sustains the weary.
He wakens me morning by morning,
wakens my ear to listen like one being taught.

Sometimes that weary one in need of a word is ourself.

We're also instructed to practice confession of our weaknesses in order to be healed. Some disciplines make this simple by providing two little rooms and a window right in the church. Others of us have to listen to that inward witness to find a listening ear that's not too weary themselves, too preoccupied, too inexperienced with trial, or too whatever to hear us and respond in a helpful way. Still, it's amazing how God is able to direct the affairs of His family to answer these needs.

Ps. 68:6a
God sets the lonely in families,

he leads forth the prisoners with singing....

Ps. 68:9
You gave abundant showers, O God;
you refreshed your weary inheritance.

Be it unto them according to your word, Lord. Amen.

carrie said...

you're making ME tired...I'm glad it was so productive though!!

slouching mom said...

i hope things are cooperating better for you now, blogger among them.

sleep is a wonderful thing.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Heavens to betsy, girl! Get yourself to bed! =)

I miss being young enough, and free enough, to do midnight dinners. When we were young, my sister and would call out for chinese food delivery at midnight and wait out on the end of our driveway (so we wouldn't wake our parents) to get it. Those were some fun nights.