Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cooking Up A Storm

Once again, I have been in the kitchen all day today, this time working on the 10 gallons of apricots someone gave us. (These are new and different, not the ones we got from Swede.)

So now we have even MORE apricot jam, and I forgot to count how many jars, and by now they're all on their nice shelf in the pantry.

In addition, we canned several quarts of whole apricots and some of apricot puree.

Also, we took care of the gallon of cherries in the fridge, turning it into jam.

And now, as I wait for supper to come out of the oven, it is pouring rain outside.

Like this:

What a blessing-- after a beastly hot day in the kitchen, the cool air this storm is bringing is a great relief. And even though the wind is blowing sprays of rain in the window over the sink I leave the window open while I do dishes.

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