Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Pause That Refreshes

Last week on Thursday Swede called up and said, "I have a hankering to GO somewhere this weekend. You guys wanna come along?"

The idea was to take a quick(?) buzz out to Denver, to take a break from the heat and humidity and the summer work. (Well, it wasn't any cooler in Denver than here, but it sure felt better.)

Believe it or not, Hubby actually said Yes, so Saturday morning the three of us took off.

I am so glad we went. We drove most of the day and arrived in Denver, and the first thing we did was take a nap in a hotel, which, for the record, had THE Most Comfortable Mattress I have ever slept on. I asked Swede if he thought anyone would notice if we took a mattress home on top of his car. He thought someone might object, so I settled for tearing the bed apart to find the brand and model on the label.

(No model name, but the brand was Denver Mattress, and there's an outlet in BigCity!)

I was even tempted to bring home a pillow-- THE Most Comfy Pillow I've ever slept on.

Either that, or I was just RE-ALLY tired.

The first thing I noticed after our nap was the AIR. When you are in Denver, you aren't actually IN the mountains, but you can see them, and you can SMELL them. At that moment I was ready to put down roots in Colorado. (Sorry, Nebraska.)

I wish I could have at least brought home a jar of Colorado Mountain Air. You know, just a little whiff of vacation.


We all went to a meeting with a special speaker Saturday night, and then to church on Sunday morning. Both were just awesome and spiritually refreshing.

When Hubby and I arrived home we found the family wilted and a little cranky in the humidity. We decided they all need a break too, so--don't tell anyone--but if everything works, we're going to surprise the family and pack them all up next Monday for a week of camping in Colorado.

And now I'll be busy. Gotta wrap up as many wedding details as possible, and plan food, and do laundry, and send bills (the kind where people pay US-- so there will be money in the mailbox when we get back), and clean a little so we don't come home to a pigsty.

The getting ready is gonna be a killer, but the "joy set before me" (mountain air, low humidity, a break from the summer race and the wedding plans) is totally worth it.

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Ornery's Wife said...

Sounds completely lovely! Hope you have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures!