Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Doing The Next Thing

I made up my mind the other day that I was going to stop worrying so far in advance about stuff, but rather just put my mind to doing whatever the "next" thing is.

So yesterday I began.

Instead of trying to think about "all the stuff I have to do in the next six weeks," I just thought about what I should do Today, Right Now. Which meant we sent off bills-- the kind where other people need to pay US, which is nice.

And we ran errands, and bought groceries.

And we went to Swede's house to pick apricots, because they were READY.

And that meant that today we made apricot jam. All Day.

I remember now why I got burned out on home canning and preserving. Trying to manage an enormous fruit project and make meals at the same time, with several people in the kitchen at once, is just a little nerve-wracking.

And there must have been other people feeling on THEIR mettle today, because I'm pretty sure the phone rang every half hour most of the day. In fact, there it goes again...

Okay, I'm back.

Where was I?

Oh-- making jam. Yes, we now have 27 pints of apricot jam on the island, and two gallon buckets of pitted apricots in the freezer for another day.

Also, a gallon of un-pitted cherries, but that's another project

And now, while I wait for my pans of tweiback to raise so I can bake them, I want to leave you with some recipe ideas I found in an old cookbook I picked up at the thrift store.

First, this:

Please don't tell me those are green beans on those sloppy joes.

Oh, they are. Because those are "Barbecue Green Bean Bunwiches".


Okay, how about this one:

The cookbook calls this "Please-a-Teen Pizza Burger", but I don't think it would please any of my teens.

There is a very fine line between Gourmet and Garbage.

Just had to share the wholesome goodness.

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