Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Still Busy, Still Cooking, Still Waiting for My Turn In The Bathroom

My title pretty much says it all.

Although, contrary to what it sounds like, I have actually made it in to the bathroom a few times.

Saturday we went to an auction where JD and LovelyDaughter bought a few miscellaneous household items for when they set up their honeymoon household.

At first, they were going to go by themselves, but before we knew it, Hubby and I, and DrummerDude, and MB3, all ended up going too. I'd forgotten how long it had been since the boys had been to an auction.

It was when they were still shorter than me, and that's been a while.

We had a great time, and MB3 even got to bid on a few things using my number and his money.

At one point he was bidding on a kerosene lamp and the bid hit his limit, so he quit. Immediately the auctioneer turned to me for the bid, which I thought was funny and heartwarming.

I love these small town events where everybody knows you. The auctioneer knew I was mom and had veto authority, and also had authority to go higher. That tickled me so much that I did actually bid again for MB3.

(I didn't win, because the bid kept climbing. As I recall, that particular lamp went for around $100-- way beyond both of our limits.)

After we'd been there a couple of hours, JD and LovelyDaughter and DrummerDude wanted to leave, and Hubby said he'd better go earn the money I was spending, so MB3 and I stayed and bid on everyone's stuff for them. I had a list of what to bid on and how much to bid.

And I ended up with quite a pile, and all for pretty good prices. The biggest steal of the day was the butchering table Hubby wanted. A butchering table consists of a set of sawhorses with two long, very wide boards to set on top. You just can't find wide pine boards like that anymore, and if you could, you couldn't afford them. Hubby told me to go up to $75 on it.

When the table came up, the auctioneer started the bid at $25. I waited a bit to see what the bidding would do before I jumped in. Nobody took the bait, so I decided it was time. I raised my hand at the same moment that the auctioneer dropped the opening bid to $10, so that was my bid. And then, NOBODY ELSE BID. So I got the thing for the grand total of TEN dollars!

Hubby was very happy.

And then, to top the day, JD and LovelyDaughter insisted on sending Hubby and me out for the evening. They said, "You guys look tired. You go take the evening off, and we'll make supper for everyone."

Aren't they just the BEST?

So we jumped in our little Z3 and drove to BigCity to meet MandoNut for supper, and after supper we went to a little coffee shop that has a cool courtyard where they have free live music most evenings.

It was a beautiful evening, and I really enjoyed sitting under the trees, with cobblestones underfoot, listening to the singer with his guitar. I got very mellow.

So mellow, that I slept the entire hour drive home.

So mellow, that we overslept Sunday morning.

Fortunately, we were not on the worship team, so arriving ten minutes after the service started was not the crisis it could have been.

We were still feeling mellow in the afternoon, in time for our Sunday afternoon nap, which has become a rare luxury in recent years.

I'm still feeling pretty mellow, even though it's Tuesday, and I'm still cooking for ten people, and now I need to go grocery shopping. AGAIN.

I'm off to make a grocery list.

Fortunately, Hubby and the boys are out earning money.

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carrie said...

awww how wonderful!!! That coffeehouse sounds like a place we used to go to out in Mesa...it was soooo wonderful!!!! Glad ya'll had a great time and that's awesome about the 10 dollar find!!!!