Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wedding Countdown #3: Four Weeks

Yesterday I got a lot of wedding-related stuff done.

We finally came to a consensus about what the boys are wearing, since all three of them are groomsmen (and also the musicians for the wedding) and I GOT IT ALL ORDERED!

Would you like to see what they're wearing? Okay.

This shirt:

Click here to view larger image

With this vest:
Mens Brown Side Lace Vest

With these jeans:
Men's PBR slim fit Wrangler jeans - long inseam
As you can see, the guys are wearing brown and black. The girls are going to be wearing brown and pink. We threatened to have the guys wear pink, too, but we had mercy on them...

And that reminds me, since last week we had a breakthrough on the dresses for the bridesmaids. Plan C turned into Plan D, and here's what we're doing: LovelyDaughter found a pattern and fabric, and we're having a friend sew three dresses for us. Like this:

Fortunately, the three bridesmaids are built similar, so when the maid of honor said the pattern LovelyDaughter picked would look great on her, we figured it will look good on all three girls. The dresses will be made of brown fabric with sheer pink overlays on the skirt.

Also yesterday, I ordered the strings of lights we want to decorate with. Supplies for the reception have been bought as well, so we are on the cook.

On the cook, meaning "getting things done," as well as "cooking in the heat." Next week's break in Colorado will be very welcome.

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Ornery's Wife said...

pretty cool! Time is sure flying!